17 January 2010

Remember how the OPP...

...bent over & grabbed their ankles in Caledonia?

Well, baby... you ain't seen nuthin' yet...

•Woman: "The JDL, the Zionists have a list with Richard Gere with a penis."•

•Me: "With a what?"•

•Woman: "A picture of Richard Gere with a penis beside him."•

•Me: "Where have you seen this list? I haven't seen this list."•

•Woman: "Google it."•
You have a special contingent of police bodyguards... maybe you feel can spout any insanity that hits the ol' brainpan.


UPDATE: What's that???? Celebrity Penis????

...Stoogeleft and pals are there with bells on.

Thank goodness for the compassionate, intellectual left.


Josephine said...

LOL, Neo, thanks for the laugh and for the link.

mahmood said...

Leave it to that goofy Balbull to mock Josephine et al but not the crackpot "anti-Zionists", priorities I guess...heh heh, good on you neo for entering ze Kraft durch Freude Bunker and kicking over the furniture.

Anonymous said...

Why is the tribe in a tooth and nail battle with the natives anyways? (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

i guess if you're a cough, cough "real consevative... you stand with stoogeleft & the zany pallywood crowd.

i'm just happy i'm not on the richard gere penis list.