23 January 2010

"I'm from the Community..."

"...I'm here to Organise you..."

"The collectivist only needs to conceal any hope of finding prosperity beyond the generosity of the State, and keep the lower class convinced that government is the only moral actor in the economy."

"Review the speeches of Barack Obama, and search for anything that suggests the poor should look anywhere beyond the government and its social programs for salvation."
Thank you... oh wonderful mummy.

Of course, there is one small problem.

He lies.


Rich said...

You could make money betting on what this guy says versus what he does.
When he says he will do something, bet on him doing the opposite, not doing anything at all, or doing it differently and claiming it was what he said originally.
Same flavour holds for his predictions, initiatives, assessments, and the laws he wants to enact; in other words, all of HIS reality.
If he says we're going to the arctic, look for no movement, a trip anywhere around the compass but north, or stock up on oxygen because we are headed for Pluto...."I promised you a trip to the cold remember".

Neo Conservative said...

well rich... i've gotta admit... he sure fixed up chicago.

warning... not a read for the squeamish.


Rich said...

Telling it like it is.