14 January 2010

Oh, c'mon... everybody settle down...

...it's not like he was going to... wait a minute...

-- Brampton, ON -- "What he planned to do can't be understated, he planned mass murder ... You don't set out to detonate three one-tonne bombs without knowing that a lot of people are going to be killed."
In other homegrown terror news...
Pakistani-Canadian Tahawwur Rana has been charged in connection to the 2008 wave of urban bombings that rocked Mumbai and killed more than 160 people.
Oh Canada.


Anonymous said...

The lieberals will want this a$$hole
/"Canadian" brought back to face justice here along with their buddy Omar.

Rob C

Powell lucas said...

Another weasel who got caught and is now playing the "I've been redeemed" card. The only thing this criminal is sorry for is that his plan didn't work out so he could line his pockets with blood money and support more extensive terrorist programs. When are we going to come to our senses and start executing terrorist thugs?

Neo Conservative said...

hey, this is fuzzy-bunny canada... no such thing as a really bad boy here.


Anonymous said...

Words are cheap.

You want redemption and forgiveness? Seems to me that's a Christian thing. How about we send him to Saudi Arabia so that he can announce his conversion to Christianity there?

Neo Conservative said...

funny... he didn't seem to want or need forgiveness before we threw his terrorist ass in jail.

but the msm just eats this stuff up.

you wanna send a serious message to the jihadis... this guy should never again see the sun rise unless he's looking through iron bars.


Anonymous said...

"To those in the Muslim community, he said he could not imagine the "embarrassment or anxiety" they must have felt ..."

Since the plan didn't work out?