24 January 2010

Speaking of Socialist Outrage...

...and selective memory... anybody else see Dear Leader Layton working the prorogue patsies on Parliament Hill yesterday?

-- SUN MEDIA -- Rae’s NDP won power Sept. 6, 1990. On Dec. 19, 1991, Rae prorogued the House. They didn’t come back until April 6, 1992. He then prorogued again, Dec. 10, 1992 — and didn’t come back until April 13, 1993.

By 1994, his government had run out of steam. They were running double-digit deficits and he’d doubled the debt. Some of his experimental policies proved laughable at best and disastrous at worst.

Limping badly, he prorogued for the third time on Dec. 9, 1994. The House did not sit again until the legislature was dissolved April 28, 1995.

For four-and-a-half months, this province had no sitting Legislature.
What's that, Jacko... no comment? And you, Mr Ignatieff... anything to say about your former college room-mate and fellow Liberal MP?

Yeah... that's what I thought.


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And we don' need no steenkin' questions...
"In view of the fact that Bob Rae has prorogued Parliament three times, Jean Chretien four times, and Pierre Trudeau eleven times, do you see Stephen Harper’s second prorogation as (a) a particular abuse of power or (b) the use of a legitimate constitutional tool?"

LAST WORD: Oh, Grace... now you've done it

It's straight to the gulag for you...
"I'm very concerned. I have grandchildren and I want to leave them a democratic country and this is no longer a democratic country," she said.

Isaak compared Harper to a dictator who she said is running the country as he pleases.
Of course, Gracie... any fool could see there's absolutely no difference between Stephen Harper & Robert Mugabe.

Thank you, oh wonderful CBC.


robins111 said...

The funny thing is, when you remove the NDP rent-a-rally guys, the Enviro-loons and the winos, basically there were enough people for a echure game.

This fell flat on its face, to the horror of the Red Star, Glob & Wail and the Ceeb.

What a bunch of twits, Boob Rae-day sniveling about democracy was the topper.

Sammy said...

Never one to miss an opportunity to appear like a complete idiot..WackoJacko hit it out of the park yesterday!
His lame attempt at humor,when he spoke about 'beheading of Charles' just made me sick.Neo,wasn't that one of the threats to PMSH that was uncovered last yr? And what about Jerk-off Jack telling people to phone the GG and demand that she unlock the doors of Parl,or something equally stupid..gee Jack,I think maybe Ms.Jean may be a little pre-occupied right now,with her home country ravaged by the quake,thousands of her countrymen dead,orphaned kids,hunger,disease and just overall heartbreak..I'm sure she really needs a bunch of slugs that show up at these little rally's making nuisance calls to her.What an absolute loser you are Jack.
BTW Neo,do you choose the verification word? Thot it funny,that my word was 'bleater'...somehow that fit Layton

Neo Conservative said...

you've gotta love the same ol' maniacal pinko menagerie that shows up at these things.

and jacko & iggy's breathtaking hypocrisy over another manufactured "crisis"... good grief.

i did think it was awfully considerate of ignatieff to return from his vacation to protest this thing.

wake up, sheeple... and try thinking for yourselves.


Sammy said...

Neo,I forgot to mention,that after seeing that photo,from Wpg..I am ashamed to be from Manitoba.Because of my job,I am forced to pay union dues to Man Gov't Employees Union,and CUPE..long story,but I work for a Gov.agency and because I cover a huge rural area it is covered by 2 seperate unions.Believe me,when I tell you,that our union mtgs are a real hoot,and I'm not too popular when I question the stupidity of some of their tripe.I was asked to leave one mtg after I made a suggestion that there needed to be some personal accountability,and that I did NOT agree with unions blindly protecting the useless and the dangerous.I was grateful tho,that I had some support for my opinion..that's what you get when you work with some good,hard working Mennonites! I also happen to reside in Vic Toews riding,and there aren't too many Dipper/Lib votes out here!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that a certain percentage of protesters were paid to show up or their 'employer' requested it. This was not a protest of the people, notice the nicely printed signs?? (real conservative)

Lynn said...

I just about gagged when Layton paraphrased Ronald Reagan!

Whatever this day-of-action can be called, it certainly isn't "grassroots".


Honey Pot said...

As soon as taliban Jack spoke I knew that was the end of anyone taking this seriously.

Jack carrying on calling for the beheading of Stephen Harper and then saying,,,"he, he, just joking." You would think after one of Jack's islamist buddies got himself in a whack of shit stating he was going to cut off the PM's head, Jacko would be more careful at inciting violence at a public rally.

Rose said...

Read the comments at CBC, one commentor posted something akin to "Can't we plead for another country to step in and restore democracy"? Another posted "Can't we remove Harper from office without an election and restore democracy"? Jesus wept one wants Canada invaded by foreigners to free us from democracy and another wants the duly elected government thrown out of office via a leftwing coup to restore democracy. Stuck on stupid doesn't begin to describe the political leftwingers these days.

Who paid for the anti-Harper signs, those grass roots grannies? Those grass roots tweenies? Grass roots my arse.

Powell lucas said...

The left should be happy to note that we here in Alberta have our share of loons. They may be a lot fewer in number than in McGuinty's socialist Utopia but, like occasional rat invasions, we get 'em.
At least the lefties, Canadian apologists, and jihadist supporters will know they have a few comrades in arms of succor them when they have to leave the socialist Utopias to make a living.

Anon1152 said...

And in 1999, the Ontario Legislature (led by Mike Harris) sat for a total of 41 days.

If anyone wants to count: http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/house-proceedings/house_current.do?locale=en

Tuco said...

"And in 1999, the Ontario Legislature (led by Mike Harris) sat for a total of 41 days."

What's your point? I don't remember seeing any pictures of Harris leading senseless protests against Chretien's proroguing parliament. What a BS comparison.

Anonymous said...

Especially since the Harris Government of Ontario was busy cleaning up the mess and debt left behind by the NDP under Bob Rae.

Anon1152 said...

I was responding to points like "For four-and-a-half months, this province had no sitting Legislature."

We've had no sitting legislature for longer periods. And Rae's government wasn't the worst in that regard.

In the cases of Rae or Harris or Chretien, each had a majority government. Harper has a minority. The difference between prorogation in the those cases, and prorogation in this case, is the difference between avoiding "the voice of the people," and avoiding "the will of the people" (at least insofar as the voice and will of "the people" is to be found in their elected representatives).

I suspect that's why prorogation in the past has been less controversial.

If that's BS, so be it.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon1152 says... that's why prorogation in the past has been less controversial."

or... and i'm just spitballin' here... nobody previously chose to make political hay out of a relatively commonplace procedure before this.

how do you spell hypocrisy?

in this case... n...d... p.


Anon1152 said...

So you don't think that there is a difference between prorogation by a minority government vs. prorogation by a majority government? Or, perhaps more accurately: does it not matter whether or not the majority of the people's representatives assent to prorogation?

When this sort of thing happened before--when it appeared that government and/or parliamentary procedures were being abused--the Conservatives (and the Reform Party before them) used to propose new ways of doing things, new procedures that were in the spirit of democracy.

I didn't always agree with their proposals (for example, I was uncomfortable with the Reform Party's desire for more and more frequent referenda, for various reasons I won't get into right now) but at least the proposals were there. I can respect that.

Now all I hear is "well the other guys did it too".

If that's the government's response to any complaint (whoever the government happens to be) then I think two words can describe the future of democracy in Canada:



Forgive me. I'm in a despairing mood of late.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon1152 says... Now all I hear is 'well the other guys did it too'."

not from me you didn't.

what i'm saying is that if you, as a political entity, used prorogation for whatever reason... you've given up the moral authority to bitch & scream about it, or worse yet... use it as a weapon to club your opponent.

you do see the difference, right?


Anon1152 said...

Yes. I do see the difference.

Which is why I want the moral clubbing of the opponent to include promises of procedural change, that should be adhered to.

It would also be nice if procedural changes were made in a principled way, and not tailored to fit the needs of the opposition in the present or not-so-distant past. Based on what I've read, I don't think Ignatieff's proposals pass that test.


If you want to limit the right to complain to people or parties who have never done anything that is remotely like that which they want to complain about... parliament would have to be silent. And the opposition would not be able to fulfill any of its responsibilities.

That applies to the Conservatives too. (I think it applies to them the most, but I'm willing to accept that it applies enough to each party such that it is a problem for each party, leaving room for the claim that it applies to the Conservatives the least).

I want parties to move beyond the attempt to detect any hypocrisy whatsoever in their opponents. True, that is important. (And though you may disagree there is plenty of evidence of Stephen Harper's hypocrisy out there). I want them to stop asking themselves "how can I stop them from doing this to me?" or "how can I do this to them?" and start proposing procedures that would be satisfactory to all sides, no matter who is in power.

Rich said...

No. of times they prorogued-
St Laurent-7 ;.... 3 of these in the same year!
And the winner is:- Trudeau..11 times.
Hey wait a minute these guys have something in common!

Rich said...

So I win the "duh" award for posting something already in the main body.

Neo Conservative said...

no apology needed rich... that little factoid bears repeating.