25 January 2010

Paging all crazy-ass terrorists

If you're planning to blow shit up... you might just wanna do it north of the 49th parallel...

"Another suspect in the so-called “Toronto 18” case has pleaded guilty to terrorism offences Wednesday – and will released from prison as early as Thursday."
...'cos it looks like Uncle Sam is through foolin' around...
Two Tamil-Canadians who were caught by the FBI trying to buy anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons for the Tamil Tigers three years ago have been sentenced to 25 years in prison with no chance of parole.

The sentences were lighter than what prosecutors had sought.
Yeee-ouch... that's gonna leave a mark.


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..is it really a win?
-- TORONTO -- A convicted Indian hijacker who came to Canada 15 years ago under a false identity was deported this morning, according to federal officials.

Ottawa designated him a public danger and ordered his expulsion but Mr. Saini countered he should not be deported because he had been pardoned for the hijacking.

While awaiting his fate, Mr. Saini, 46, obtained a law degree from the University of Windsor.
Yup... yet another triumph for fuzzy-bunny Canuckistan.


mahmood said...

Now that's a prison sentence!...cripes, in this country you'd have all the proggies, raging grannies and Dawgs protesting on some street/square or hi-way.

Anonymous said...

Just wait. Bob Rae will be speaking for them shortly.

Neo Conservative said...

bear in mind this ain't breezin' it at mimico correctional... this is big, bad federal lockup.

give it 48 hours & these two frat boys are gonna be married to the mad-dog gangbanger with the most cigarettes.

that's why they call it... "hard time."


Anonymous said...

The lefties will soon be demanding this pair of terrorist bastards be brought back to serve their time in a club fed.

Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

"rob c says... lefties will soon be demanding..."

and rob... i wish you were joking... but unfortunately, i know better.


Anonymous said...

Neo... They can't pass up two votes come election time.

Rob C

Martin said...

yawn.........another blustery blow job from the blogging tories biggest coward. will you ever tell us your real name? no....didn't think so.know why? cuz you're a scared.

Susann said...

Martin..using the harsh language that you do, I get the impression that have a whole lot of sex.

Don't get too concerned, you have another hand.

Blame Crash said...

Hey Marty

Whats up with the threatening comment?

Where's all the love, the tolerance, and the understanding that your ilk are always bragging yourself up with?

Neo Conservative said...

"martin drools... another blustery blow job"

too cheap to pay for actual phone sex, huh marty?

and hey... you figure bombing all the comment threads with the self-same message makes your, uh... thesis... any more convincing.

i know... let's visit your blog where you can share all your compassionate, intellectual insights with us.

oh... that's right... you only have a drive-by troller profile.

too pathetic.


langmann said...

Martin likes the idea of crazy lunatics blowing up planes and killing innocent people.

It's all good unless it's his family.

Neo Conservative said...

i think what martin really likes is smearing his shit all over the walls.

go figure.