20 January 2010


You're away for 34 years... that's what happens.

But what about "proroguing Parliament" you ask?

"We are in the 17th Parliament since 1958. In that time, there have been 40 sessions of Parliament – about one session per year, or two to three per Parliament."

"That means there have been 23 prorogations of Parliament in my lifetime."
It's just more Liberal smoke & mirrors.


Canada Goose said...

Ignatieff: Lost in the Woods.

Neo Conservative said...

yeah... he's a real wilderness kind of guy.


Blame Crash said...

Gawd! I just hate it when I click on a link before seeing where it'll take me.

Going to the Globe site is bad enough, but too actually land on that vapid windbag’s editorial is always a repugnant experience. I hate the idea of giving these imbeciles credit by visiting their site.

Tell me, is their anyone in Toronto who isn't a disgusting leftist? From where I sit, it seems that the place is wall to wall left wing supremacists. What a disgrace that city is to Canada.

These people will end up destroying this country if they ever get there way.

Neo Conservative said...

you're kidding right?

you really wanna see "vapid windbag"... just head on over to pinko central... where the usual suspects are mounting a spirited defense of the richard gere penis people.


Anonymous said...

Then there is, of course, the fact that Dalton McGuinty will be proroguing the Ontario Legislature very soon.

I'll take the "Under" on the bet: "Size of the Facebook group protesting this compared to the one protesting the Federal proroguing".

Only because the "Not even close" bet isn't available...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... I'll take the "Under" on the bet"

funny how that works, huh?


Bitter Chill said...

Um, aren't you confusing the porogue with a recess or an adjournment of parliament? The latter are much more common over Christmas, when significant committee work can be completed. Typically, parliament was only prorogued at the end of a session when the agenda set out by the Speech to the Throne was completed.

The last porogue was required to save us from a winter election that no-one wanted. This one is to avoid embarrassment over the detainee issue during the Olympics. Neither is “typical”.

Neo Conservative said...

"bitter chill asks... aren't you confusing the porogue"

go to the link... it's a sitting mp who's talking.

you can certainly ask him.