16 January 2010

Mission Irrelevant

"Peter Kent isn’t feeling the love from his little brother these days."
Hey, Janie... as long as you're playing these infantile games... your next incredibly important mission, should you choose to accept it... is to corner Iggy's invisible, abandoned first wife & children and ask them how they really feel about Dear Ol' Dad.


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Wearing a disguise ain't gonna help.


maryT said...

Why not ask his brother who was told, don't admit we are brothers in public.
Ask his wife and kids, has anyone ever seen them since he asked his present gal if he could stay, while still married. She said yes, and years later they were married.

Rose said...

Poor dear is she going to start talking to laundry hampers to get a good lead to smear Harper?

langmann said...

Yeah? Just wait till the Media finds out Harper's been winning all these Parliamentary votes, then he won't be able to hide from the dictatorship title.

That's a storm that's been brewing for a while now.

You heard it here first, Harper is plotting to take over the world. It can be done, did you see that CBC show by Paul Gross?

Anonymous said...

Interview his family? That would be journalism and reporting the facts about Iffy. We are more interested in gossip.

Anonymous said...

Tabor spent "days" when our PM was first elected, bashing him shaking hands with his son after taking him to school.... How come - she refused to hit the waves on her idle - Iggy and report on his PAST family. I would bet money, if what happened in Iggy's past happened in Harper's past - it would of been front page news for weeks, and weeks, all because of Jane's little gossip column... however, Iggy is a liberal - Jane is hoping for big things if only she can push the liberal agenda in her column, so she is hiding all the facts about Iggy's past!.....and McCallums's as well!