21 January 2010

Just another victim...

...of our heartless, elitest society...

A 22-year-old paraplegic who has launched a $17-million lawsuit arising from his incarceration in the Toronto (Don) Jail on drug charges now has another court date in sight: He has been charged with dealing cocaine, marijuana and Ecstasy from his room at St. Michael's Hospital.

Further investigation revealed that a loaded handgun and a bulletproof vest were allegedly found in Mr. Milligan's room, along with other drugs.
I guess you never know when you might have to cap a rogue candy-striper.

Oh yeah... the best part of this was that the fuzzy-bunny Red Star held this guy up as their "Victim of the Week" just a little while ago.
Milligan was locked up at the Don between October and December 2007 after Toronto police raided his apartment and charged him with drug possession.

At the time, he was 19 and trying to adjust to life after a gunshot injury to his spine left him a paraplegic in the spring of 2007.
Live and DON"T LEARN, eh?


AIRBRUSH UPDATE: Now you see it...

...now you don't...
Pravda would be proud.


"Arrested for dealing dope while in a wheelchair in a hospital."

"I think that's the gansta' trifecta."
I don't get it. I'd have bet large... that Dawg & Company would have dropped by to defend this poor lad.

Oh well.


Bryan said...

Note the Red Star has removed the story about the poor little dealer and wheeler.

JA Goneaux said...

Still here:


Neo Conservative said...

thx james... looks like this link works.


sanwin said...

It's obvious that Julian Falconer is an ambulance chasing hack... no scumbag is beneath this 'lawyer'.

MariaS said...

awww Neo, don't be a meano. The poor boy looks so innocent and he is only 19 yr old ... the poor dear.
I wonder what he will do with the 17 million? Maybe, some bloggers on the Left should take up his cause, this boy will likely donate some pennies their way after he milks the cows in the govt's pasture.

sanwin said...

If you read the Star article, he says he "I made mistakes".. as in the past tense.

Obviously the time space continuum escaped this guy.

Neo Conservative said...

to be fair, i guess he did learn something from his, uh... unfortunate past... now he packs heat AND KEVLAR.


Sammy said...

well Neo,the redstar needed a new hero as the Lil'Omar saga was getting old!
BTW,I have a different take on this story..it just shows you how great our healthcare system is.You too could be taking up space in a Hosp bed,and making some really good coin on the side,while getting 3-squares a day,and a bedbath!

JA Goneaux said...

So: this guy is shot (probably helping an illiterate orphan read at the library...NOT).

Then arrested for dealing dope while in a wheelchair.

Then arrested for dealing dope while in a wheelchair in a hospital.

I think that's the gansta' trifecta.

Neo Conservative said...

i imagine this dumbstick sees himself as some sort of hero.

once again... to quote comedian chris rock...

"I ain't shooting nobody, so call me a faggot. When the war's over, I'll be the faggot with two legs."