18 January 2010

Who will John McCallum and...

...the Liberal Party be weeping for this morning?

-- KABUL -- The Taliban quickly claimed success: “We have sent 20 suicide bombers to Kabul,” Zabidullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said in a telephone interview.

“We have launched this attack against the puppet government. Our fighters have killed many, many people.”
Memo to Canadian troops... please be gentle.


UPDATE: That tyrannical, controlling Stephen, er...

...wait a minute...
So we tried calling Mr. Rebagliati. We spoke to his wife, Alexandra, who also helps him out with media relations.

She said the Liberals had emailed her, told her they had been in touch with The Globe and Mail, and that her husband need not add any more.

She said he would not be making any comment.
Iggy shuts down the irrepressible Nickel Bagliardi.


Sammy said...

I'm thinking we should just send the Dingbat Duo of Hedy Fry and Caroline Bennett over there.Between the screeching and wild gestures these 2 loons would torture anyone right out of their minds,quicker than you could say Uncle.

Neo Conservative said...

you never hear iggy and company worrying about the people who get blown to applesauce by those poor taliban, go ya?

plenty of time, though... to accuse canadian soldiers of war crimes.

how exactly does that work?


Rich said...

Missing from the original story about the Kabul attacks is this line from the Taleban.
"A second Taliban representative, also reached by telephone, said the attack was intended to answer American and Afghan proposals to “reconcile” with and “reintegrate” Taliban fighters into mainstream society."
I'd say that is "message received". Will folks now understand that this is a fight to the death and it is no-holds barred....not by our choice.
Wake up Canada.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... I'd say that is 'message received'."

just not by john "all you need is love" mccallum & the liberal party of toronto.