21 January 2010

Soften the Rules?

We think we must widen, for the Haiti crisis, the definition of family. So that Haitian families can bring in brothers, sisters, nephews. We must soften the rules for humanitarian reasons,” Mr. Ignatieff told reporters after a caucus meeting Wednesday.
Every day, somewhere in the world... there is a disaster... natural or otherwise.

Think of the misery in Darfur... or most parts of Africa for that matter. There are the rural parts of India. South America abounds with homeless street kids.

There have been... and will continue to be frequent humanitarian disasters worldwide.

Funny how Michael Ignatieff just happens to really, really need one... right now.


Anonymous said...

Funny how Michael Ignatieff just happens to really, really need one... right now.

I thought the same thing for Harper although today's latest EKOS poll shows a tie in national support.

Kevin said...

The rules should not change. All potential immigrants should be treated equally. I am really sick and tired of politicians who take advantage of the headlines to try to further themselves. In 3 months Haiti will be forgoten and they will all have moved on.

The Grey Lady said...

Excuse me and forgive me, but I am about to make a potentially insensitive remark, the great mind that is the Nutty Professor is really pandering to the Haitian vote in Quebec, trying to make sure that PM SH does NOT get any "love" or traction in that Province or community for the excellent manner his Government has handled this tragedy.

Trying to switch the channel is he. After all aren't the Conservatives supposed to be the cold hearted racists that walk over the helpless in their self interest pursuits?

Neo Conservative said...

iggy has spent his whole elitist life... from his student days at upper canada college to his lofty pedestal at harvard... trying not to rub up against the great unwashed.

suddenly he's this mother theresa wannabe?

i don't buy it.

in any case, there are millions of starving, desperate people around the world... but we're gonna change the rules to accommodate just the haitians?

yeah iggy... timing is everything, huh?