22 January 2010

Sure... I guess "you could say it"...

...if you were on a paranoid, peyote-fuelled flight from reality...

Mr. Fineman, a frequent MSNBC political analyst, said Mr. Brown's truck could have been part of a racist code to Massachusetts voters.

"In some places, there are codes, there are images," he told Mr. Olbermann. "You know, there are pickup trucks, you could say there was a racial aspect to it one way or another."

Mr. Brown's truck has particularly bothered Democrats, ranging from Mr. Brown's opponent, Attorney General Martha Coakley, to Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry to Mr. Obama.
(h/t sda)

I guess the Grand Wizards are the guys driving the one tons, huh?

Good grief.


Rich said...

I hope Olbermann keeps up with the psychotic rants.
He's the perfect Dem. poster-it.

Lycan Stark said...

American liberals hold no "truck" with the truth.

Neo Conservative said...

it must make some kind of sense to the lunatic left... i get this kind of crap all the time...

"I'm sure you've got a raging woody for another round of 'bomb the brownies'."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 12:06 AM


JA Goneaux said...

Reminds me of the time we stopped for gas in Georgia. A bit ol' pick up pulled in to the other side of the pumps. I mean, this was a BIG pick up, huge wheels, about two feet of clearance. Serious off roader, not a toy, but a clearly well-used work and/or play vehicle. You can't fake this.

I could only see the good ol' boy's feet beneath the door, ensconced in a well-worn rubber boots, caked with that red Georgian dust and mud (see: "My Cousin Vinny").

I got quite a shock when the driver came over to the pump: Didn't know there was such a thing as a black redneck (blackneck?)...(and is it ok to call a blackneck a good ol', er, boy?)

jwkozak91 said...

I guess John Mellencamp's ad for Chevy Trucks - "Our Country" - no longer applies.

Sample lyrics:
"There's room enough here/For science to live/And there's room enough here/For religion to forgive/And try to understand/Other people of this land/This is our country".

langmann said...

got quite a shock when the driver came over to the pump: Didn't know there was such a thing as a black redneck (blackneck?).

Yep there is. Black people have taste too.


Neo Conservative said...


i like what comedian chris rock had to say...

"Everybody's so busy wanting to be down with the gang. 'I'm conservative', 'I'm liberal', 'I'm conservative'."

"Bullshit! Be a fucking person! Lis-ten! Let it swirl around your head. Then form your opinion. No normal, decent person is one thing, okay? I've got some shit I'm conservative about, I've got some shit I'm liberal about."

"Crime, I'm conservative. Prostitution, I'm liberal!"


Anonymous said...

The Grand Wizards?

That would be the diesel, dually, 4x4, crewcab, long box rigs!