31 January 2010

How do Patrick Weir & Carmen Rogers...

...sleep at night...

"While the defence argued that Brotherston Sr. was acting in self-defence during a life-and-death struggle with (crack-cocaine addict and dealer) Taylor, who had a gun and a knife, Crown prosecutors Patrick Weir and Carmen Rogers insisted the prolonged beating and extensive injuries suffered by Taylor were not the result of self-defence."
The inmates are truly running the asylum.


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...when is British Columbia gonna go after the real killer in their midst?
"The B.C. Coroner’s Service received 24 reports of avalanche deaths during the 2008-2009 winter. Nineteen involved recreational snowmobilers and five involved skiers and snowboarders."
Time to ban winter outdoor recreation.

If it only saves one life.


Kai said...

While the Crown's put forth what I feel to be an egregious argument, in this instance the Judge saw reason, and acquitted Mr. Brotherston. Good on the Judge, she seems to have some common sense.

Neo Conservative said...

yup... thank goodness for the judge.

but kai... help me out here... what part of 'armed, apparently insane crackhead' were these two dopes just not getting?


Frances said...

Were these two the persons who decided the case should be prosecuted in the first place, or are they just the lawyers stuck with presenting the argument for the prosecution? If the latter, then they're stuck with making the best of a bad case. If the former,then I agree with your assessment of them.

langmann said...

I'll bet the crown didn't try very hard...

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... I'll bet the crown didn't try very hard."

well... you can call me wacky... this just doesn't seem like the best use of a couple hundred thousand taxpayer dollars.

i mean, this is british columbia... it's not like they're gonna run out of homicidal drug dealing sociopaths anytime in the near future, right?


Warren said...

A few miles south of Lala Land, A.K.A. Vancouver, in Washington State, the accused would have had his name/picture in the paper shaking hands with the Mayor and Police Chief.

WTF is wrong with Canada???

A drug-addicted, dangerous offender is dead... This is a bad thing, HOW?

Maybe they could give Steve Fonyo's Order Of Canada to this Brotherston guy? Steve isn't using it now is he?

Neo Conservative said...

"warren asks... WTF is wrong with Canada???"

you could try asking mickey ignatieff... the leader of the liberal opposition.

it's his folks who were holding up prime minister harper's crime bills in the senate.


langmann said...

well... you can call me wacky... this just doesn't seem like the best use of a couple hundred thousand taxpayer dollars.

Yep but when have drug users not cost us a wack load of money?

I don't know if the crown had the option of dropping charges or not. Maybe it was a test case?

Sounds like this judge had her head on.

I hope this guy and the crown learned a valuable lesson though about how dangerous these users have the potential to be.

Kai said...

Neo, they were just being good apparatchiks, doncha know? The party line says crims are not responsible for being crims, and the crown has to, absolutely crush the law abiding citizen who stands up for him or her self.

Look at all the code words that ooze out of the mouths of cops, prosecutors, and politions: "Leave it to professionals." "Don't fight back, call the police. If you fight back, you might get hurt".

Going after the family was a way of trying to re-enforce the modern control mechanisms of the nanny state, which seeks to make us all dependent upon the state. People who stand up for themselves are a threat to this system, as they show others one does not have to be a victim.
Its getting to the point up here that I am thinking of moving to the US, even though their economy is in shambles right now, expressly due to the fact that I can still defend myself there. And if I feel a need to, I can also carry there. Good luck convincing the 30+ million milquetoasts that call themselves Canadians that we have the right to be armed, and look after ourselves.