08 January 2010

Gotta have priorities I guess

Is it more tragic that an 11 year-old child was murdered... or that no one apparently even cared that he was missing?

RCMP said they went to the burning home at about 4 a.m. Saturday. Officers' calls to the fire department went unanswered and the home was gutted, officials said.

Napokeesik earlier said that there's no blame to be laid, and that he wasn't surprised to hear the volunteer fire department didn't respond to the blaze when police called to tell them about it.
The Canadian government pumps, to no avail... 12 billion dollars a year into this black hole of misery and neglect.
If you knew the name "Shamattawa" before last weekend, it is probably from 2002, when three people from the tiny community committed suicide -- and another 39 attempted it -- in the space of a week.

That's about 3% of the entire community trying to kill themselves, or actually doing so. (The equivalent per-capita figure for Canada as a whole would be about a million.)
It's well past time to integrate aboriginal people into mainstream Canadian society.


UPDATE: Let's just blame the social workers
The leadership of the Shamattawa First Nation says a number of agencies should share the blame for the murder of an 11-year-old boy in that northern community.
Of course. It's not like any of the so-called adults in this kid's life has any responsibility.
Miles says the only way they knew the boy was missing was because children in the community noticed they hadn't seen him for some time.


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Police have charged a man with second-degree murder in the death of a 2 1/2-year-old boy in Oshawa, Ont.

Durham Region police say they were called to an Oshawa home on Tuesday afternoon and found the child dead in a basement apartment. Police have identified the boy as Keagan Davis.

Charged is 26-year-old Michael Monckton of Oshawa. Police say he is “associated with the deceased.”


Alex said...

I view the creation of the reserve system as being the single greatest failing of the colonization of Canada.

Imagine what Canada would be like without reserves--- pretty normal, actually. The aboriginal history would be told, but it wouldn't be nearly as tragic to see the 20th century unfold. The world pressured South Africa to break down the apartheid system; it is well beyond time for the Canadian reserve system to be disbanded and for all Canadians to be equal in the eyes of the law and the taxman.

Neo Conservative said...

"alex says... the single greatest failing of the colonization of Canada."

agreed... the aboriginal reservations are simply a gruesome socialist monument to the twisted gawds of political correctness.

call me crazy, but i'm totally on board with that... "one people, one law.


Bazoo said...

How about a lump sum buyout? One million dollars each for "Status Indians" half million for Metis. No more reserves, no more settlements. No special deals of any sort. This Canadian apartheid must end. The more you give people the less they become.

Neo Conservative said...

"bazoo says... This Canadian apartheid must end."

unfortunately, the aboriginal chiefs... the bosses who control and dispense all the money & land... won't stand for actual democracy & private ownership of reservation land.

it's how they control every aspect of these people's lives.

and we, the larger field of folk, give them 12 billion taxpayer dollars every year... and watch them piss it away on themselves & their cronies.

and meanwhile, aboriginal children sink deeper & deeper into the black hellhole of misery & death.


rbudde said...

How are reserves "socialist monuments"?! They are out of a history that aligns quite close to your own ideology Neo. Reserves were about progress and business and getting First Nations out of the way, off their land, for white settlement.

Neo Conservative said...

"rbudde asks... How are reserves "socialist monuments"?!"

oh, robbie... you just keep lobbin' those softballs.

let's start here... the reserves are run... (in fact, totally controlled) by a central committee & favoured cronies who invariably loot & pillage band funds... build up their own little armies... and surprise... there's no such thing as privately owned property... geez, robbie... you ever read a history book?

and please, please, please... let's see you attempt to justify the disappearance & subsequent death of this 11 year-old child on any possible level imaginable.

you've got kids, right? when do you ever not know where they are?

and please... no more of your "contextualization" bullshit.