25 January 2010

Every network seems to have one...

...but what exactly are the qualifications to become a television station "Health Reporter/Guru"?

-- NATPOST -- MS specialists blame the over-heated response in large part on that CTV documentary and an accompanying newspaper report, calling the stories one-sided depictions of preliminary, unproven research, including the treatment Dr. Zamboni evocatively terms the "Liberation" procedure.

"There have been reverberations across the world as a result of that media story," said Dr. Mark Freedman, a neurologist at Ottawa Hospital and a top MS researcher. "I think there are going to be millions of dollars spent now to follow a hoax.
Whatever happened to... "First... do no harm."

Oh, that's right... they're not doctors.


Anonymous said...

I was never a friend of Clayton Hill, but our lives did cross. This extremely violent act which he is accused of, does not come as a surprise to me. He was a time bomb waiting to go off.