28 January 2010


Screw the Supreme Court of Canada... we're gonna go with Aboriginal Justice...

In 2008, the Brants and Miracle were ordered to return control of the land -- on which sits Miracle's Mohawk Liquidation Centre -- to the Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte.

"What is it they say, possession is 99 per cent of the law?"
Well actually... I think that's the "Mugabe Doctrine"... in Canada, most of us actually try to abide by a little thing called the Criminal Code.

What this Intelligencer puff-piece fails to report is that this whole transaction was a scam from the get-go...
"Though they did not purchase or pay for the lands, they did "BORROW" hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ohwistha - an Aboriginal finance company that administered development loans for native businesses - and from Industry Canada to help them construct buildings there."

"None of these funds were repaid."
Small point of clarification here... it's only "borrowing" if you actually make an effort to pay the loan back.

And where exactly does an aboriginal finance company get this kind of valuta? I'm guessing it's part of the 12 billion dollars Canadian taxpayers shell out to prop up First Nations communities every year.

And finally... guess who's up to his eyebrows in this slick little shell-game?

Try thinking... aboriginal freedom fighter.


syncrodox said...


I swear I never hit the link, so my uneducated western hillbilly guess would be...Shawn Brant.

Did i win?


Neo Conservative said...

yeah... it was kind of a gimme, wasn't it?