19 January 2010

"I don't need solutions..."

"...I'm a Liberal..."

While Mr. Ignatieff was happy to criticize Mr. Harper, his new team and their approach to handling the economy, he would not say how he would slay the deficit should the Liberals form government.

Instead, he said it was Mr. Harper’s $56-billion shortfall and therefore it was his problem.
And they keep telling us Iggy is "the smart one."


Bruce said...

It is a sad certainty that many will think that observation profound.

Personally, I rank parties/leaders as follows:

#1. Has detailed ideas I support.
#2. Has detailed ideas I oppose.
#3. Has outline of ideas I support.
#4. Has outline of ideas I oppose.
#5. Fence-sitting, "no ideas for you" clowns.

"He, Himself" impaled himself on a picket with that comment. (Pity it's not bamboo ... they can grow up to 1 metre in a day!)

Neo Conservative said...

iggy's entire policy platform seems to be... "i'm not that evil, knuckle-draggin' stephen harper."

maybe living outside of canada for 34 years does have its disadvantages after all.


Calgary Junkie said...

What the heck is Mr. Iggy good at ???

Besides being able to memorize Donolo's talking points, then regurgitating them in two languages, about all I can see.

Gawd, the man is boring.

We'll have to wait for his entertaining contortions, tap-dancing and swallowing himself whole in March, when he explains why he has to support Flaherty's budget.

jwkozak91 said...

Speaking of arrogance and liberalism: "a 10.0 political earthquake shook Boston this evening at about 9:30 ET". Did you feel it, Neo?

Some are saying "President McDreamy" will charge ahead with GovernmentCare anyway. That's either betting all on red, or Saddam in the "spider hole". You make the call.

Anonymous said...

There is that quetion that Libs really struggle over:
"If you were PM what would you do?"

Only Iggy didn't ask for the question to be repeated.