26 January 2010

There's a lesson in here somewhere

"In the same way that a ghetto childhood can help a boxer become heavyweight champion of the world, the Trabant's East German background gives it a clear advantage in its bid for the Worst Car of All Time title."

"The now-fallen communist state provided ideal conditions for the creation of a truly awful vehicle: a demoralized labour force, incompetently-run factories, and a iron-fisted political system that crushed innovation."
A compressed cardboard body? Who could have guessed that wouldn't work out?


Rich said...

Put Ighabod, Taliban Jack, and Duceppe in it....dressed in clown suits and you'd have THE perfect shot.

Neo Conservative said...

fwiw... i liked the amc pacer.


langmann said...

Yep the Trabbie. Those things also burned real well.

Take a good look folks, if Dr. Dawg and CC ran Canada the lucky few would be driving that car.

langmann said...

Actually that Trabbie reminded me of one of the most pathetic things I had seen. There's this old East German couple who for some reason had meandered their way into West Germany just after reunification. The guy was a retired doctor, with his wife. They're well dressed by East German standard and are driving this sorry Trabbie which I figure the guy must have waited 10 years to get from the factory in like 1980.

The Trabbie was clean and maintained but it was still a Trabbie, and an older one too.

Imagine this guy, slaved away for the communist empire for his whole life trying to build a decent retirement and then boom, the wall comes down and he's living on the bottom end and all he's got is a fricking Trabbie.

There's the awesomeness of Communism. Wall comes down and he's poorer than the kid earning minimum wage.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... the wall comes down and he's living on the bottom end"

which is why the communists have to fence in their countries and control every aspect of the people's lives from the cradle to the grave.


Anonymous said...

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