31 January 2010

Gotta love those Globe headlines

I'm just waiting for... "sitting on a throne made of human skulls"...You have to wait 'til the end of the article to get to the meat of this little vignette.

"While past Liberal governments never shied from stacking the Senate with party hacks, organizers, bagmen and supporters, Mr. Ignatieff said Canadians have to remember that the Conservatives had promised to act differently."
Hey, Iggy... you mean different like this?
“Prime Minister Harper is sending a clear message by appointing me senator to Canadians and Quebeckers that the Conservative government defends victims rights as opposed to those of criminals,” said Mr. Boisvenu, who promised to donate his senator's salary to the Murdered or Missing Persons' Families' Association which he founded.
Yeah... those knuckle-draggin Neocons and their dastardly "crime agenda."

Damn you Stephen Harper.


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...why did the dastardly Americans & Canadians send all those beastly soldiers?
"Jo Jo was shot and killed on the second day we were there. He was the victim of a car-jacking. I left him alone for two hours and he was driving in the city."

"A guy stopped him and told him to get out of the car. No one knows quite what happened next but he was shot twice and killed instantly. The jacker didn't even want the car, he just wanted to take the fuel."
Wake up, dopey... you're playing "Haiti rules" now.


LAST WORD: Speaking of Wyclef Jean...
"Jean has been ubiquitous these past weeks raising money for Haiti, and no doubt his tears are real. But financial records from Yele Haiti show that Jean has made sure the first person to get paid from Yele Haiti events was himself – including a staggering $100,000 fee for him to perform at one of his own events."
Funny how that works, huh?


Powell lucas said...

It's pretty hard to make changes to the senate when none of the provinces, except Alberta, will go along with Mr. Harper's first condition: he will appoint anyone who is elected. He still insists he will follow through on this promise. So, all you Liberals and other assorted whiners, get your provincial governments to agree to electing senators.

Neo Conservative said...

"powell says... get your provincial governments to agree to electing senators"

yeah, that could happen...

"past Liberal governments never shied from stacking the Senate with party hacks, organizers, bagmen and supporters"


wilson said...

Here's a headline you won't likely see in the G&M

Libs, NDP cry foul over rights appointees but failed to contest when consulted
(Canadian Press)


Neo Conservative said...

"wilson says... a headline you won't likely see"

lemme see... harper has had a minority government since, well... he's never had anything but... which means the "axis of weasels" could have gotten together and voted him out any time they wanted.

but i guess iggy, jacko & gilles prorogued everybody's testicular fortitude right from the get-go.

it's all noisy playground bluster... and not a single actual punch.


langmann said...

Haiti is a reminder of how nature can easily kill thousands of people in a third world country in one blow.

Kind of puts in perspective the whole New Orleans flood where although a lot of property was destroyed, hardly anyone died. And probably only a fraction of those people would have succommed if the State had allowed the Feds to act faster instead of playing politics.

Which makes one wonder what the public perception would have been if the lames stream media had actually put it into context instead of using it to play politics and hype ratings with noxious doomsayer soundbites.