29 January 2010

This guy shouldn't see daylight...

...without looking through bars... until he's old & gray...

"Next time -- well, there will be no next time -- but next time I hear someone trying to blow something up, I'm just going to walk away," Abdelhaleem told the court.

If the hypothetical plot then succeeded, he said, he would walk into a police station and inform authorities: "I knew all about this and did absolutely nothing to stop it."

What sort of freak thinks like this? So much for True Patriot Love... and human decency.


"It's rather comforting that the only people to attempt these attacks on Canada are blithering idiots."

Regardless... lock him up... and weld the freakin' door shut.


Rich said...

Along with changes in the law pertaining to terrorism,and sentencing, we need a new prison for housing those who will receive real life sentences.
The northern tip of Ellesmere Island seems appropriate.

Powell lucas said...

The next time this terrorist will walk into a police station wearing a suicide vest and blow the place up.

Anonymous said...

Am I getting this right this terrorist was going to try and make a "gentle bomb" none of that nasty steel shrapnel for him. Harm reduction from a guy in on a plot to set off a 2 ton bomb? We really need to deal with these people differently then they are part of an army that does not wear a uniform, giving them a lawyer and a soapbox is just plain wrong.
Cheers Bubba

Frances said...

Am I correct - this man says he'll just 'walk away' from any future plot, but with no intention to tell the police anything until AFTER the plot has succeeded? What good will that do?!?

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... this terrorist was going to try and make a 'gentle bomb' - none of that nasty steel shrapnel"

that's his story & he's stickin' to it.

of course, these guys thought they were in possession of three times the explosive material that timothy mcveigh used on the federal building down in oklahoma.

i'm thinkin' shrapnel would have been gilding the "four horseman" lily.


Rich said...

So this guy had about 3 years to polish his story of being a changed person...and this is the best he can do?
Yup...this will sway the judge for sure.
Why does Wile E. Coyote spring to mind?

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... 3 years to polish his story"

and yeah... wile e. coyote... idiots, explosives & falling anvils.

let's hope they don't get any smarter.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Trust me this guy will be an NDP candidate next federal election.

Neo Conservative said...

what noble end are these fanatics fighting for anyway?

do you really want to know?