27 January 2010

Paging Syed Soharwardy

Oh brother... have I got a deal for you...

"The DTT Report recommends the disestablishment (closure) of 18 churches in the Diocese, the move of 13 of them to another nearby church to build a congregation large enough to carry out the church’s mission with enough funding from its members to support it."

"The thirteen church buildings vacated will be made available for sale or lease."
It's true... when one door closes... another one opens.


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"A report prepared for the national House of Bishops in 2005 warned that the Anglican Church in Canada is losing about 13,000 members a year and will face extinction by the middle of the century."


Anonymous said...
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maryT said...

Those poor Anglicans, wasn't this predicted when they made that stupid decision a few years ago.

Neo Conservative said...

gotta love it... it seems liberal supporter's latest gig is to impersonate folks who are learning english.

it's a tossup between childish & disrespectful... although i suppose it's a step up from...

"Oh fuck off you silly child abusing liar."
Posted by liberal supporter to halls of macadamia at 5:52 PM, December 01, 2009

and yes... deleted, yet again.

you just have to wonder what libby would do with himself if he didn't have the blogging tories.

oh yeah... he'd just have to be satisfied with being an errand boy for this despicable excuse for a human being.


The Grey lady said...

The Catholic, Anglican and United churches have strayed sooo far away from the teachings of Christ and dipping their fingers in ass protecting cover-ups, politics and this new eco religion. It is little wonder they are leaking at such an alarming rate. On the other hand Evangelical churches who are biblical based are expanding like crazy, a new one being built almost everywhere you go.

Kai said...

The Anglican Church is losing members, but the faith is not dying. Many parishes have simply split off, and choose to worship and practice the Communion the traditional way. When the Anglican Church of Canada decided to support gay marriages, ordain gay and lesbian priests, and allow women as vicars, many of the faithful had had enough. They mourned the gradual slide of society in general into equivalency and degradation, and then saw the same begin to happen to their beloved Church.

Shame on the Bishops and the Clergy for turning their backs on the faith