12 January 2010

"Is there any wonder..."

"...why 'hope and change' was such a compelling message to so many people? It makes no difference that the promises they were offered were as unlikely and unsupported as the floating mountains of Pandora; it sounded good, it was presented convincingly. It was Hollywood through and through."

"Of course they ate it up. They’ve spent their entire miserable lives with the same feedbag strapped to their faces."


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

f not for the CG the movies is crap.

Neo Conservative said...

well... the part that jumped out here for me was all the moonbats who were having fits of post-cinema depression.

real world anybody?


Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

Nutjobs who dream of a Utopia, self hating humans.
I got nauseous and a splitting headache from the film.
Yeah, I wanted to end it all,it was three hours of my life I couldn't get back..........lololololol.
crap film.

robins111 said...

You know, watching or even listening to some of the guilt ridden twits who suck up to such shows as Avatar, just makes me puke.

They can twist almost anything inot a self-righteous gagging session, dribbling with guilt.

For me, pictures like this, make me wanna go seal hunting and sell the hide to china.. I guess we are opening new markets over there.

Simeon (Sam) George Drakich said...

The art of the cinema is lost. no witty dialogue nor an original story that has the movie goer thinking.
I did see the new Star Trek, thought it was an okay film until I watched it on television and laughed my head off at the dialogue plus the acting was quite good though the story sucked.
This year I will be going hunting for the first time.

robins111 said...

New name...


works for me.

Neo Conservative said...

avatards... i love it.


langmann said...

The best thing I saw recently involv ing the Avatard, was when I walked down the video game isle in Walmart and saw the first person shooter game involving the blue cratures from the movie.

The irony. Cameron makes a crappy film based on the entirely mythical Noble Savage, and some genius makes a violent video game based on the movie. Love it.

"Of course they ate it up. They’ve spent their entire miserable lives with the same feedbag strapped to their faces." - Has this guy met liberal supporter, because that's the perfect description.