07 January 2010

The end of personal responsibility

How about we just bubblewrap these folks and stick them in the cargo hold...

-- OTTAWA -- The country's largest airline has been ordered to create a nut-free zone on flights to accommodate passengers with serious nut allergies.
Sure, why not... it's not like the airlines have anything else on their agenda to worry about.
The agency ruled that the passengers in question, Sophia Huyer and Melanie Nugent, are considered persons with a disability, so the airline must lift any obstacles to their mobility through a formal policy.
Is there actually some sort of issue with cabin staff, or perhaps other passengers... and the force-feeding of objectionable foods?

And call me wacky... but what exactly do these poor disabled women do with the 99.9% of their lives that isn't spent on airplanes?

Good grief.


Sammy said...

Neo,that will be just perfect for the 'Undiebomber' cuz isn't he pretty much nut free now???

Anon1152 said...

I heard no evidence of being nut free...


Roasted nuts.

Powell lucas said...

More bureaucratic micromanagement. The various commissions, boards, and panels are producing so many rules and regulations that they are strangling commerce and industry in this nation. The EPA in the states is doing an end run on the will of the Congress, the HRCs in Canada are acting as a law unto themselves, the RCMP hierarchy is running that organization like some East german Stasi. Who gave these clowns the right to make up the rules as we go along? Has the government and legislatures in both countries become so timid that they allow these bureaucratic twits to act as if they were sovereign entities. Unless the voters revolt and bring an end to the power of these seemingly autonomous social engineers we will be so shackled by rules and regulations that it will be like living in a straight jacket. Perhaps it is time to tear down the whole system and start over.

Neo Conservative said...

just spitballin' here... but could we maybe triage some of this stuff?

for instance... how about we try do something about the thousand people who die every month from infections they actually contract in canadian hospitals.


Jim Pook said...

I watched this "nutty" woman on the TV news last night. She said that on one flight she had to hide in the washroom. Why? Are the other passengers forcing her to eat nut while she is strapped into her seat????

I know that nut alergies can be bad, even fatal, but don't you have to eat one to be effected? Surely having to sit beside someone who is eating nuts is not enough to trigger a reaction.

And, this woman is a DOCTOR!!!!

JA Goneaux said...

No, you don't have to actually eat a peanut to get in trouble if you're severely allergic. You can have a reaction by merely smelling a peanut.

I try not to make fun of folks like this, as I have a relative who almost died eating a poppy-seed treat (biting into it thinking it was chocolate). He certainly wasn't faking having his throat close and turning blue a few seconds after his lips merely touched the treat.

Just sayin'...

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... You can have a reaction by merely smelling a peanut."

never heard of something this severe, james... but imho, it is still incumbent on the individual & not society at large to take care of this matter.

i mean, seriously... these days the police can't even guarantee heroin, or stray bullet-free neighbourhoods... but we're gonna start policing peanuts?

what's next... tim hortons (or the university of toronto, or every canadian workplace) has to provide a sealed nut-free room at every one of its venues?


Kai said...

1% of the population has a problem, so we all have to suffer from their "disability". What a crock.

Josephine said...

Although people might think they are reacting to the smell of something they are allergic to, it's not actually possible.

The protein in nuts & legumes is not carried via its odor.

Perhaps people fear that traces of the protein might be left behind on surfaces and that the proteins might be transferred to the allergic person's hands and then mouth. But that risk exists everywhere except, probably, in the allergic person's home.

Latex dust, on the other hand, is carried on the air and, when inhaled, will definitely set off a reaction in an allergic person.

Neo Conservative said...

"josephine says... that risk exists everywhere except, probably, in the allergic person's home."

again, the real question is... who is responsible for dealing with your personal well-being... the individual themselves, or big mother?

i guess it depends on who you ask.


Josephine said...

Neo, I have Celiac Disease as well as food allergies. The last time I ate a banana, I had anaphylaxis: I could have died from eating a frickin' banana.

The world can feel like a scary place for someone like me. But I have to take a deep breath, put it all into perspective (weighing real vs. perceived risks) and carry my Epi-pen with me at all times.

People holding muffins and sandwiches push elevator buttons and instant teller buttons right before I get there. What can I do? Insist that the world go gluten-free? I try not to be in the habit of putting my hands to my mouth and I make a habit of washing my hands when I get home, before I touch food and before I eat -- which are all good health habits for anyone interested in preventing the spread of the common cold and flu. When I babysit my young niece and nephew, I ask that they not have any bananas that day (in case they kiss me or touch my face with their sweet little banana-smeared hands).

Big mother is not capable of assuming responsibility for my health and safety. I have to take as many precautions as possible and hope for the best. For example, if I have surgery, I have to be the first person in the operating room to limit the chances of inhaling airborne latex dust.

I have to know what anaphylaxis feels like for me (extremely low blood pressure, vomiting, etc.) and feel confident that I will recognize the symptoms if they happen again. I have to have my Epi-pen within reach at all times. I have to tell my friends and family what to do if I suddenly lose consciousness (and where to find the Epi and how to use it).

I cannot dictate to the rest of the world -- most of whom have normal bodies with normal immune and auto-immune responses -- as to how they must eat and behave.

The worst thing for someone like me -- with real Celiac Disease and real anaphylaxis -- is hysterics and wanna-be's who threaten lawsuits and assume victim status.

On the other hand, maybe I can be classified as disabled and get some kind of compensation and special treatment. Hey, if ya can't beat 'em...

Neo Conservative said...

"josephine says... Big mother is not capable of assuming responsibility for my health and safety."

and that is the moral of this story.


Frances said...

Neo - my husband lost a colleague some years back. She had eaten a doughnut cooked in peanut oil - which she did not realize. Unfortunately, when she felt ill, she tried to go home and didn't make it. Nut allergies can be fatal. That being said, however, how can you prevent parents from providing the trad peanut butter and jelly (or honey in my home) sandwiches for the offspring?

Neo Conservative said...

no one is saying that people can't die from a severe allergic reaction.

again... you have to take responsibility for your own well-being.

it's that simple.