03 September 2009

Live and don't learn...

...that's us...

He shot a uniformed police officer in the head. He shot at two other cops with the intent to kill them. He robbed at gunpoint a convenience store and a beer store. He invaded a home with a shotgun, shooting its occupant in the leg.

He has a rap sheet so long for violent crimes in his 32 years it covers two full pages. He has been on the receiving end of break after break by the courts, which put him on probation six times.

The court laughably applied Powell's third lifetime firearms ban. He will not be eligible for parole for seven years.
Yeah, I'm sure... this time... he'll be rehabilitated.


Reminds me of Robin Williams' bit about unarmed British bobbies: "Stop. Or I'll say 'stop' again...".
And don't miss Canadian Cynic, yet again, forging comments under a false "Neo Conservative" blogger id.


LAST WORD: "Feelin' hot, hot, hot!!!"
A Toronto man was arrested in a downtown courthouse this morning, accused of lighting a TTC bus ablaze early yesterday morning.

Steven Edwards, 28, was at Old City Hall for a bail hearing on other charges when cops from 53 Division charged him with assault, common nuisance, assault, fail to comply with recognizance, mischief interfere with property, five counts of weapons dangerous and two counts of arson — one for damage to property and the other for disregard for human life.


Rich said...

This guy is a poster boy for dangerous offender status.
Why not label him as such right now. He certainly qualifies.
Our court system is this country's most dangerous public enemy.
This country NEEDS a Harper majority.

Neo Conservative said...

"rich says... This guy is a poster boy for dangerous offender status."

sorry, my friend... this is canada... no such thing as a bad boy here.


Anonymous said...

Rich... I can't remember the guys name that was on the radio on the weekend. He was at one time senior adviser i believe to the conservative government.
He stated the dangerous offender status is not all it is trumped up to be. The "client" is still entitled to a parole hearing after 7 years and one every 5 years after that . Or a panel ( i presume of shrinks) could declare him rehabilitated and turn him loose. I have another more permanent solution for the POS's

Rob C

robins111 said...

I'm of the lock-um-up and throw away the key, type opinion.

Somewhere in the north of James Bay.

Philanthropist said...

Seven years from now when he shoots the next person the Parole Board members will tell us how bad they feel and that they have to live with their decisions for the rest of their lives etc. etc. They'll say this so we'll have sympathy for them....

MrEd said...

just set them loose way up north... afterall, with the shrinking polar cap polar bears need a stable food source

roblaw said...

My suggestion is that he should be directed to "go for a ride" with Michael Bryant.

Anonymous said...

Funny how a pissant like Lemire has to go through the an unending process, but someone who absolutely nobody with two functioning brains cells could consider less dangerous keeps getting a break.

Reminds me of Robin Williams' bit about unarmed British bobbies: "Stop. Or I'll say 'stop' again...".

What gets me is how judges, who sentence people wearing inappropriate clothing in court to contempt charges, put up with being seen as fools time and time again.

My take: when you are convicted of a crime while on parole or probation you don't get parole or probation for your next crime AND you have to fulfill the complete sentence of the last crime.

Anonymous said...

I'm strangely silent on the emerging facts surrounding Bryant's road rage....

1. the bike courier was a professional drunk and loser.

2. he had been in a cop car an hour before the incident with Bryant.

3. it's being reported that the "victim" had Bryant in a head lock and had control of the steering wheel.

4. the "victim" chased Bryant's vehicle on foot down the street and jumped on the car.

5. alcohol was not an issue with the driver.

6. Bryant's wife was seated next to him in the car.

here at the halls we never let the facts stand in the way of our bullshit...cuz that's the way we roll.

Neo Conservative said...

oh look... it's my most avid linker... "canadian cynic"... once again forging comments under a false blogger profile yet again.

the cowardly, despicable, dishonest left... that's how they roll.

and apparently, today, bobby's arguing for the death penalty for people with alcohol problems.

notice how there's no source for any of his "allegations". me... i think i'll just go with the cctv video at bryant's trial.

more magic fairy dust.