25 September 2009

"Hogtown, Hogtown"

"If you can get shot there... they'll do you anywhere..."

"From what I hear, that place is a gold mine. You have dudes from all over Toronto that go there for that purpose."


Neo Conservative said...

here's a thought... if more than one of your buddies has been shot to death... maybe it is you.

"Paddy, who was shot in the chest, survived that attack, but his 19-year-old friend Jose Hierro-Saez did not. Two other people who were also shot lived. The three survivors, including Paddy, were reportedly unco-operative with police at the time."

"Another teen from Paddy's depressed Toronto neighbourhood, Daniel Asarfo-Adjei, was also shot and killed in Fort McMurray over drugs, less than one year ago."

"Even though he knew Asarfo-Adjei and what had happened to him in Fort McMurray, Paddy still made his way out West."

live and don't learn.