16 September 2009

Iggy's special place

-- “It is a Canadian forest for sure – free of Tory trolls, NDP nymphs and bad Bloquiste beasts. A veritable paradise for Liberals.” --
The smart money's on the arboretum at "Hah-vud".


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"The Liberals need to turn the page and start a new narrative. Might I suggest George of the Jungle?"


Nathan said...

Nope, it's gotta be Algonquin Park. Remember, it's the only place in Canada that Iggy actually likes.

Philanthropist said...

The Liberals can't figure out which forest it is because of all those trees in the way.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

It's probably one of those green rooftops that Miller is pushing.

Neo Conservative said...

or it's a 'green screen' like a lot of people are speculating... as fake as the puffin king himself.

i mean... why else would iggy and company be so shy about saying?


Joanne (True Blue) said...

They want Iggy to look like an 'Everyman'.

That's so bogus even Iggy couldn't buy it.