24 September 2009

What's the RCMP gonna do next...

...deputise Peter Mansbridge?

"What the heck a polling firm is doing with information about names, addresses and phone numbers of people who own firearms in this country so they can contact them for a poll is beyond me," said Greg Farrant of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters.

"It sure isn't public safety."

Police say the polling was not a violation of privacy because Ekos was working as an extension of the RCMP.
How exactly does that work?



Philanthropist said...

A class-action lawsuit should be filed by people whose privacy has been violated by the RCMP.

langmann said...

And people wonder why we don't want to register our rifles...

If rogers did this, CTV and CBC would have a rage fest.

robins111 said...

This is a new low for the Queen's Cowboy's.

Neo Conservative said...

easier than going after actual criminals, i guess.


Anonymous said...

I got notified by this from the OFAH as a member. Only one word for what the RCMP are doing. BULLSHIT!

Neo Conservative said...

wonder what the hells angels would do if the cops started handing out their confidential information to private businesses.


Magnafan said...

The RCMP claims that this was a customer satisfaction survey. I think the questions themselves speak volumes about ulterior motives.And, the info will be handed over to the police when EKOS is done. Say, anybody at EKOS wanna make some money with the list of names and phone numbers and a thumb drive?:

How do I contact the CFC
How many times in a year do I contact the CFC
What do I call about?

How satisfied was I
What classification is my license (rest,non,prohib)
Do you own any firearms
What reason do I own firearms
Will I renew my license
When will I renew my license
How do I renew my license
Have I had a gun verified
How was it verified
Do I plan on updating my address
Do I plan on transferring fire arms
Do I plan on Destroying firearms
Do I plan on changing my license status
Do I plan on deactiving a firearm
Do I transport firearms
Do I plan on acquiring more firearms
Best way to communicate with me ( by email,advertisment,mail)
When looking for information about firearms how likely are you to contact (Between 1-7)
CFC, Friend and Club
Are you married, single or common-law
Do you have children in the home
How many under 18
What is your highest level of education
What is your annual income

Anne in sw ON said...

Will this info be used by the RCMP in the same way gun registry info was used by the Toronto Police Service in their recent attempt to get "illegal" guns off the streets? Just wondering.