22 September 2009

Did President McDreamy...

...just get bluffed?

On Saturday Russian deputy defence minister Vladimir Popovkin said in an interview that "naturally we will scrap the measures that Russia planned to take" in response to the shield and specifically named Iskander deployment as one of them.

When asked about the matter today, the chief of Russia's general staff, Nikolai Makarov, said: "There has been no such decision. It should be a political decision. It should be made by the President."
Pucker time.

(h/t reader rich)


Blame Crash said...

He didn't get bluffed.
He did it on purpose.

He wants a weak America and has been successfully moving toward that goal.
The ugliness of his presidency will become more and more revolting and more and more dangerous for both the U.S. and the world.

Philanthropist said...

Manchurian candidate.