16 September 2009

Hooking... the victimless crime

-- OTTAWA -- The Crown is asking for 10 years for a prostitute who torched a hallway of the Radisson Hotel when a couple demanded their money back, leaving a woman with horrific injuries.

Melissa White, 26, cried through her sentencing hearing for arson causing bodily harm in connection with the New Year’s Day fire.

She fought tears when asked if she had anything to say. “I’m so fucking sorry,” she wept.
No word yet on whether ACORN will be offering up any assistance.


UPDATE: ACORN apparently getting out...

...of the prostitution racket...
ACORN, calling the actions of some of its employees "indefensible," has suspended advising new clients as part of its service programs and is setting up an independent review to see what happened.

Videos of ACORN workers giving tax advice to people posing as prostitutes and other revelations have led to growing criticism of the organization in recent days.

ACORN has been targeted for years by conservative groups that consider it a sometimes unsavory arm of Democratic electoral politics. The Senate voted earlier this week to deny funding to the organization to help with the next census.


James Higham said...

Yeah, Acorn have really covered themselves with glory, haven't they?

Neo Conservative said...

hey, you're talkin' about one of president mcdreamy's former employers... how bad can it... wait...


Anonymous said...

Umm, why are the couple engaging in illegal services? Why did they want their money back? It does cut both ways. Frankly, the government needs the money of legalized drugs and prostitution. We did legalize gambling and it has been a cash cow. (real conservative)

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... It does cut both ways"

you're saying somebody deserved this?

sorry... the blame for the fire & horrendous personal injury lies square on the crazy hooker.

see... here in fuzzy, bunny canada... we don't even execute the likes of paul bernardo or willie pickton... never mind burn them half to death.

you want some sort of mad max world where anything goes... set it up on baffin island and tax the shit out of it.

just don't do it near my family.


RJW said...

Concerning ACORN and Obama.

The chickenssss...
are comin' home...
to roost.

Neo Conservative said...

yup, looks like ACORN has decided that it shouldn't be in the "runnin' ho's" biz after all.

-- main post updated --


Frances said...

Anon - being stiffed is no excuise for trying to burn down the hotel. There are some reactions that are indefensible. Better she take them to small claims court and have the couple exposed as the lying, cheating, impotent pair they were.

Chris Muir said...

Thanks very much for the link!

Neo Conservative said...

no chris... thank you for continuing to put out "day by day"... a truly wonderful commentary on current events.