15 September 2009

A man's home...

...is his castle, er... surgical suite...

-- BALTIMORE -- Baltimore police say a Johns Hopkins University medical student armed with a samurai sword killed an intruder in his garage.

Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says campus police and an off-duty city officer responding to a call for a suspicious person heard screams to call police around 1:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Guglielmi says the student told the man he found in his garage to leave and the man accosted him. That’s when Guglielmi says the student defended himself, cutting off the man’s hand and causing a severe laceration to his upper body.

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First enacted in Florida in 2005, "Stand Your Ground" bills are now being considered in 21 states including Georgia, according to the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The South Dakota senate approved one just last week.


robins111 said...

I suspect that the perp will not be a repeat offender.

Just sayin

Grant said...

Good show on this victim of crime standing up and defending his home.

As the say in Highlander, "there can be only one". And the right one got it.

Neo Conservative said...

as jeff cooper once said... "criminals don't fear the police, or the legal system... they should be taught to fear their victims."


DanT said...

A friend of mine caught a car theif red handed and in the process got in a few punches but ended up with a nasty cut on his own head from a flash light. The theif got away and the cops warned my friend that unless he planned to kill the man in self defence he should not fight back.

I guess in our wonderfull liberial country my friend would likely be the recipient of a lawsuit from the criminal over the injuries he recieved in the process of comitting the crime.