28 September 2009

Curiouser & curiouser

The government says Suaad Hagi Mohamud gave wrong answers and contradictory information in three separate interviews with Canadian officials in Kenya last May, according to court documents filed in Federal Court.

The documents were filed in response to a motion for costs by Mohamud's lawyer Raoul Boulakia.
And what's up with forgetting your only child's birth date?

Well... among other things...
The Canadian High Commission officer who conducted the interviews said Mohamud looked different from her passport photo, that she was six or seven centimetres shorter than her driver's licence stated and that her signature wasn't the same.
The saga continues.



Neo Conservative said...

[from the cbc article]

In one interview with the Canadian High Commission in Nairobi, Mohamud indicated she was a student at Humber College and was studying fashion design. But in another interview, she denied it and said she was only thinking about going to school at Seneca College.

The documents allege she lacked knowledge about Toronto, where she had lived for 10 years. She couldn't name Lake Ontario, and even though she took public transit to work, she had trouble explaining the acronym TTC, the Toronto Transit Commission.

She didn't know that the acronym for her Toronto workplace, ATS, stood for Andlauer Transportation Services. She also couldn't name the current or previous prime minister and was unable to describe in any detail how she obtained her driver's licence.

The documents also allege she gave a wrong date for her son's birthday and couldn't provide details on the circumstances or place of his birth.

Mohamud also provided an incorrect date of her marriage, saying first that she was married in 2006, which contradicted the July 4, 1996, date on her immigration application. Mohamud divorced her first husband and married a Kenyan man in December 2007.

three separate interviews, huh? when did they get that dna sample?


maryT said...

When the possible fraud was discovered, perhaps the real passport owner switched places and is now trying to scam us for millions. Same with that other guy the libs left stranded for years. Do all/some of these immigrants/cdns of convenience take scam lessons on how to cheat us out of taxpayers money.
What have all these settlements of liberal problems added to our deficit.

maryT said...

I worked at Canada Customs several years ago, and was present when the passengers were intervied on a daily basis, before going into Canada.
Some of the questions were quite stupid, to determine if one was a returning Canadian. One 16 yr old girl was almost denied entry because she couldn't name the Canadian PM, the Alberta Premier or the quarterback for the Ed Eskimos. Finally they phoned her mother, with the question, do you know where your daughter is. I was very upset, the mother could have had a heart condition or something else. Yes was the reply, on a bus returning from a summer in NYC, spent with her aunt.
Describe her was the next question. I was furious, and asked the officer if the majority of the staff could answer the questions, and the fact she couldn't was proof to me she was Canadian. Not many 16 yr olds could name the PM or Premier, or Party they belonged to. A fake would have had those answers down pat.
On the same bus was a man, in a pink suit, green hat, with two large suitcases and he was only going to be in Canada 24 hrs, and no questions were asked.

Neo Conservative said...

call me wacky... you can't come up with your only kid's birth date... or you're suddenly mysteriously changing height... something's not scanning.


L said...

Hello ... every woman REMEMBERS the birth of her first child! I can do a blow-by-blow, today, after 36 years.


Check this site - the company. How would you get past day one orientation without seeing the ATS logo and all the customer-focus ATS internal customer-service programs. What was on her log-in screen each morning?

We Canadians are slow to realize that, in some corners, lying to get what you want/need is not perceived to be BAD. The end.. etc.

Of course, the real END game was revealed today. It is not about this woman at all. This lawyer would like to get ALL the transcripts. Then he could coach other fraudulent immigrants on the Q&As that DFAIT uses, such that others can be better coached! THIS is more likely why they are suing! And this is why DFAIT has taken the political hit so far, in this case.

The facts that the courts are challenging security decisions makes me VERY nervous. Jason Kenny is right.

Philanthropist said...

All of our old liberal news media jumped to the conclusion that our staff officers over there are racist and mean before they even got the full story. If old liberal media continues to be narrow-minded and nasty the people they want to sell to will continue to be a smaller and smaller group. Jerks.

prairie dog said...

Scam...she doesn't deserve to be in our country.

Canada doesn't need immigrants of this nature, toss her out!

There should be a law for those people who would subvert the immigration system to be held accountable and then swiftly deported.

Set an example for all to see...

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrant with bought identity. Other poster got it; we are likely being scammed here, lawsuit by original passport owner? If these people win, watch out for the scams that will bankrupt the country. (real conservative)

Josephine said...

It really ticks me off that some media outlets are presenting this as more evidence of Canada's systemic racism, blah, blah, blah.

I am sure that some people are rubbing their hands just waiting for the opportunity to sue the Canadian taxpayers for several million dollars.

I really think Canadians should start taking this a lot more personally. Do we enjoy having our hard-earned paycheques garnisheed by the government so we can pay off these various lawsuits and continue funding special interest groups and poorly-run countries?

Josephine said...

Oops, just read the article: she's already suing us.

Yup, that's why we Canadians bust our asses at our crappy jobs day in and day out.

Neo Conservative said...

"josephine says... Oops, just read the article: she's already suing us."

yup... it's apparently a growth industry.

i fear for my country.


JA Goneaux said...

Nothing from the Dawg Pauwnd yet? Strange...

The interesting thing to me is that at least one of those doing the investigating in Kenya as African herself I believe....

Neo Conservative said...

"jag asks... Nothing from the Dawg Pauwnd yet?"

i guess dawg & cc and company have decided there are greener pastures out there for the hardcore troll community.


JA Goneaux said...

Well, I will give the benefit of the doubt here a bit.

I mean, I'm a blue-eyed white guy, and I sometimes "freeze" when the border guards ask questions. Even heading to a Sabres game (with a ticket and passport in hand), I had to think "where am I going?".

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... Well, I will give the benefit of the doubt here a bit."

james... three questions...

do you know your kid's birth date?

are you six or seven centimetres shorter than your driver's licence says?

who is the prime minister of canada?

so... did you pass or fail?


JA Goneaux said...


1) I'm terrible with birthdates. Maybe this works more for females, but I always confuse when we went to the hospital (June 28) with when he was born (June 29th)...I pretty much have it down pat (his fave Jay was Carter, #29....), but under pressure (as in on June 27th)? I have to think.

2) Depends on who is measuring at different times. Most of my family are master carpenters and there is a reason they don't work well together. Even NASA crashes satellites when someone mis-measures.

3) I know. I would hope every Canadian does. Depends, again, on when you ask. Just after the election? Hell, many of us were still writing December 2008 well into February 2009.

My point: she is, ultimately, who she says she is (unless the DNA is wrong. Possibly, but unlikely).

The folks who asked her these questions were also working well within normal parameters of their job and should be exonerated.

The rest? I'll wait and see.

Neo Conservative said...

"jag says... My point: she is, ultimately, who she says she is"

james... was it the same woman who showed up at the three separate interviews?

maybe she's got a lousy memory... but unless this woman can change height at will... i'm thinking there's some chicanery here.

consider the totality of the evidence presented here.