19 September 2009

Remember that guy...

...who said he wasn't gonna raise your taxes... what was his name again?



James Higham said...

You're in Ontario?

Neo Conservative said...

yup... out in the wilds of hastings county... about two hours east of toronto.


Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal voters should do us all a favour and simply take half their earnings and set it on fire instead of voting crooks into power.

Because while we do receive fine speeches from corrupt Liberals through an adoring media, the reality is that crooked Liberals have turned Ontario into a 'have-not' province.

Of course many who vote for crooked Liberals receive a large portion of their income from government, perhaps all their income. If these voters could only realize that if everyone has more wealth - they could and would have more wealth too, corrupt Liberals frighten them into believing otherwise.

Anonymous said...

But they just looove taxes in Trawna...and they don't mind the OLG corruption or the e-health waste.
It's all good in their eyes!


James Higham said...

Sounds nice. I really only know BC.