27 September 2009

And the winner...

...in the yappiest little Middle East dog category goes to...

“We are going to respond to any military action in a crushing manner and it doesn't make any difference which country or regime has launched the aggression.”


Anonymous said...

It's been 30 years since the Iranian revolution and their "government" started all this crazy anti-western B.S.

Considering that, in all that time no western nation, including Israel has had the balls to give Iran the sh**kicking they so richly deserve .... is it really any wonder that they act like this?

Like a spoiled brat that has never heard the word "NO" Iran simply does whatever it can bloody well get away with.

If, perhaps the next time these loudmouthed dicks test a missile we were to, say sink one of their naval patrol craft, (accidently - of course) then after a couple of sunken patrol craft I expect we would see a change in their actual behavior.

They would bluster, scream & threaten of course, but who cares about that? My guess is we would see a definite lack of enthusiasm for missile tests.

Anonymous said...

The British handeled these obnoxious little turds very well. A small ship of her Majesties Royal Navy would come in on the morning tide and give the "natives" a demonstration of the wonders of British seamanship and advanced gunnery, problem solved.
Cheers Bubba

Neo Conservative said...

news item: iran is apparently ready to put together a nuclear weapon.

which brings up a pop quiz...

what's flat, black & glows in the dark?

i'll give you a hint.