17 September 2009

From the guy who brought you...

..."I won't raise your taxes"... and other fairy tales...

"The McGuinty government ... has an instinct to duck behind any convenient political shield it can find and is willing to put anyone's head on a stick as long as it's not their own," PC Leader Tim Hudak said.

Premier Dalton McGuinty "SAID" his government has increased access to FOI by broadening it to include Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation but did not deny the allegation the expense report was held back.
I know the FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT isn't as sexy as hearing about an ex-Conservative MP's substance abuse problem, or some dumbass civil servant sending out body bags to an aboriginal reserve... but ask yourself... in the bigger picture, what's the more important issue here.

Don't let Premier McSlippery and his ilk pull the wool over your eyes... yet again.



Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals lying again.

sanwin said...

Not that there's anything wrong in including body bags in a flu pandemic kit.

After all, people will die and body bags are needed.

I fear the Conservatives blew this one, they shouldn't have apologized and shouldn't have reacted defensively.

Neo Conservative said...

"sanwin says... people will die and body bags are needed."

but you can't say that anymore, can you?

in the wonderful world of politics... it's all optics.

now watch iggy and his crew of bottom-feeders try to turn this into "conservatives hate aboriginals".

it's disgraceful.