28 September 2009

"Outlaw" my ass

How about "Dangerous Thug runs smack into Destiny"?

Rodney Jackson was wanted for drug trafficking as well as what Wilson described as a "brutal attack on his wife."

He was wanted on five arrest warrants for assault, drug trafficking and uttering threats.

"Sonny put his weapon down, but Rodney didn't. He said he was tired of running and was going to shoot it out."
And yet somehow, the media and the aboriginal community will try to turn this guy into a martyr.



skuleman said...

It seems a lot of criminals will ultimately choose suicide-by-cop as a way out, rather than face the consequences of their past actions, or as in Rodney's case, they've just had enough.

The problem for the cops is - if the bad guy has made that decision they're faced with the choice of either taking him out immediately, and suffering all the bad press and liberal bleeding hearts, or risking the gun-fight and losing a cop or innocent onlooker in the process.

Regardless of whether you're guilty or innocent, persecuted, discriminated against or whatever - when a bunch of cops have guns pointed at you any action other than dropping your gun and putting your hands up is a conscious decision to commit suicide.

Neo Conservative said...

compare and contrast...

"Gitxsan hereditary Chief Walter Wilson said Saturday's shooting death is just one more example of RCMP brutality and prejudicial treatment in the first nations community."


"Jackson had been hiding out for about a year in the woods around Kitselas, stealing food and hiding in a cabin his grandfather had built. 'He was scaring the chiefs that own the territories.'"