29 September 2009

What Canadians think? The serfs?

Yeah... like I could give a crap about them... or that whatsisname... Codliver guy...

“I married the right woman. That has turned out to be the most important single fact. I'm not going to die out there if people don't like me because there's someone at home who thinks I'm okay."

"I can't put it more directly than that.”
Yup, that's pretty, er... direct.

Maybe we should send his first wife... and his two strangely invisible kids... some "just visiting" t-shirts.


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"We went for a walk, and he said, 'I want to make one thing absolutely clear to you. When we're at Aunt Helen's house or Aunt Charity's house [Charity Grant, their mother's sister], you can say whatever you want to me."

"But if you ever see me on the school grounds, you're not to talk to me. You're not to recognize that I'm your brother."

"You don't exist as far as I'm concerned. Do I make myself clear?'"


Blame Crash said...

Strangely invisible kids indeed!

Strange, as in a strange accent, perhaps?

If their existence can’t be spun into a positive for the low life Gliberals, the Toronto media just don’t think we should know they exist, except maybe on “paper”. Putting them in front of a microphone or camera has obviously been rejected because it won’t go over very well with Canadians.

This brings up another thing that bothers me about this carpet bagging pretender. First, let me state that I agreed that Stephan Dion’s French citizenship was unacceptable for a Canadian Prime Minister. And yet, has anyone asked Ignatieff whether or not he is British citizen? Shouldn’t we expect that someone who was living there for 25 plus years and having two British kids with his British wife would probably apply for British citizenship?

Stephan Dion was automatically a citizen of France because that was where his mother was born and raised. That wouldn’t be Ignatieff’s case at all, would it? No, he’d of had to chosen that citizenship for himself and it would still be as unacceptable as Dion’s. Even more so, in fact!

Canadian’s should know these facts, one way or another.

Neo Conservative said...

"bc says... Strange, as in a strange accent, perhaps?"

i was thinking "strange", as in wanting nothing to do with their absent father.

perhaps, because he was "just visiting"?


Anonymous said...

I expect more to come out on this
family dirt on MI