21 September 2009

Ignatieff -- "Recovery isn't good enough"

The Liberal Party of Canada will give you unicorns... that shit low-fat whole wheat muffins... 'cos he's a magic man.



Apparently, someone at the Globe decided that they weren't giving Iggy enough props here.

The headline of this web article has been changed from "RECOVERY ISN'T GOOD ENOUGH"... to "Ignatieff pushes ‘good government' and growth instead of tax cuts".

You know... as opposed to that 'bad government' we have now.


UPDATE: Oh, boy Mikey... does this mean...

...we get all that ADSCAM money back?


"How about an audit of the media in this country?"


Philanthropist said...

The Old Liberal 'grow the economy' method - pork barrel politics "across all regions of the country" plus extra pork for "India and China and other emerging economies." - which means he'll try to buy the votes of those ethnic communities in Canada.

It's "da usual business" for crooked Liberals.

ian said...

Would Iggy open up the books of the Canadian Wheat Board?
If so would he support an audit by the AG?

Neo Conservative said...

while he's at it... how about we pull the numbers on the "farmer bob rifle registry"?

and if it's not all kosher... we get our two billion dollars back... right?


Anonymous said...

Liberal audit is laughable, how about an audit of the media in this country? I want to know what percentage is bought and paid for by liberals. (real conservative)