18 September 2009

Who says there's no death penalty...

...in Canada...

A homeless man savagely beaten in a Scarborough cemetery died in hospital today after clinging to life for almost a week before dying today.

The aggravated assault investigation has now become the city's latest homicide investigation.

Toronto Police are hunting for the couple that ambushed George "Benson" Smith, 61, last Saturday night and released two security camera shots of the duo yesterday. Const. Tony Vella said the man got in an argument with a woman at the Kennedy Rd. subway station.

She accused the man of stealing something from her, he denied it and went on his way.


UPDATE: Gotta black out the face here...

...courtesy of the Young Offenders Act.

Wouldn't wanna violate the rights of a 14 year-old killer.



Anonymous said...

It's all about the 'tude...ever try to explain to someone you could never respect that they don't know the first thing about respect?

Neo Conservative said...

didn't get that far myself... i'm still stuck on the fact that these two sociopaths apparently beat this guy to death.

what sort of being is capable of that sort of savagery?