26 September 2009

Just make sure you're not...

...standing under a window at the Torstar building...

"Canadians see Harper as better suited than Ignatieff to tackle the economy (33 per cent to 23 per cent), health care (23 to 16) and crime (38 to 12). The Liberal leader is more trusted by Canadians than Harper on the foreign affairs file (30 per cent to 28 per cent) but, said Shanoff, "that's not a substantive policy area that we stay up at night thinking about."

"It's the economy, it's health care, it's other things that we think Stephen Harper is doing a decent job with."

"The poll found that 27 per cent of Canadians favoured Harper as prime minister, compared to 16 per cent for Ignatieff and 12 per cent for NDP Leader Jack Layton."


rightful said...

the last bastion of Torstar raging liberalism is under assault - the twisting & torqueing of the news is losing sway - is nothing sacred anymore ? - the ever-so-wise Canadian public is waking up finally, to the endless angry spin laid on by the Liberal war room - perhaps time to give it a rest ?

MIkhael said...

The key is Mr. Harper has to stick to governing. As long as he does that I suspect he will do well. I think that there is a shift in the mainstream of Canadian thinking that does see excessive government intervention as a bad thing, and political correctness and multiculturalism are increasingly recognized for the foolishness that they are. If true, it means that Liberals will not longer be "the natural governing party", and the CPC's strength in the West (rather, the Liberal's utter weakness) gives a solid base of reliable support.

And the mainstream media are not necessarily as hostile to Mr. Harper as many conservatives like to complain. Recall that he was endorse by the Globe in the last election, and the large majority of large publications.

All of our problems in the past couple of years have come from excessive partisanship or overly ideologically driven decisions. Avoid this, and we can avoid a Liberal return to power for a long time.

Neo Conservative said...

"mikhael says... and political correctness and multiculturalism are increasingly recognized for the foolishness that they are"

one can only hope.


DDT said...

The Liberals will move their policies to where they think the public will buy them. They didn't become the "natural governing party" by having any principles other than the acquistion of power.

langmann said...

Interesting the dramatic numbers that see him better at handling crime.

Perhaps the unspoken majority would like to see a tough amd realistic anticrime policy instead of the lazy and dangerous approach we have been on all these years.

Neo Conservative said...

"langmann says... the dramatic numbers that see him better at handling crime."

not too hard to best the liberals on being tough on crime, is it?


Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again: when the media starts to become propaganda to the people, they will TUNE out! (real conservative)

langmann said...

Yep neo,

However contrary to the media's impressions, most people might like to see criminals especially the violent ones locked up for a long time.