24 September 2009

Ask a Liberal Bigwig

-- OTTAWA -- The fierce squabble over Martin Cauchon's political comeback is symptomatic of a party that has lost sight of the most basic tenets of democracy, says a former national director of the Liberal party.

"We've turned into one big appointment society," Sheila Gervais told The Canadian Press. She pointed out that Ignatieff himself was not elected as leader. He was installed without a contest last December at the behest of party brass and Liberal MPs.

Most of those MPs, Gervais said, have been appointed themselves or protected for years from having to face democratic nomination challenges.


Ardvark said...

The only appointment Ignatieff has is going to be with Harvard.

Kit said...

It has always struck me as incredulous that Liberals will demand that Canadians do things that they themselves refuse to do... ie. elect Ignatieff.

Neo Conservative said...

"kit says... Liberals will demand that Canadians do things that they themselves refuse to do... ie. elect Ignatieff"

that really is the essence of this thing, isn't it?


Wondering in Toronto said...

Hi there. You spend alot of time on your blog. Do you have a job or are an unemployed crank?

Yours- Wondering in Toronto

Wondering in Toronto said...

Pardon. I omitted the word "you" I should have asked, " are YOU an unemployed crank?"

Perhaps you're just lonely?

Anonymous said...

We know lots about this blogger ... perhaps YOU would like to tell us about yourself.

michael st. paul's

Sure in Mississauga said...

Wondering in Toronto. How very apt.

Neo Conservative said...

"wondering in toronto splutters... "are YOU an unemployed crank?"

hey... maybe i'm a bored, millionaire crank.

in any case, why on earth would you imagine i'd feel accountable to some anonymous little troll?

anyway libby... say hi to bobby day for me.


fernstalbert said...

There seems to be a lack of democratic choice in the Liberal party selection process. You have powerful lieutenants and officials calling the shots not grassroots participants. It would appear that the electorate is getting a taste of dictatorship lite (Liberal style) - party favourites in descending order. Martin Cauchon is not on Ignatieff's top ten list.

Anonymous said...

A liberal will never tell you what they really want to do, anymore than a commie will tell how how they are going to do something. Remember this. (real conservative)