30 September 2009

Streamlining the Justice System

As long as it doesn't involve... um, er... getting anybody in trouble...

McGuinty said he couldn't comment on what might happen next... "But certainly we would want to send a message to all our mothers and sisters and daughters that we will do everything we can to protect them."
Well, "everything"... short of actual prosecution.



Neo Conservative said...

[full text follows]

McGuinty admits: 'We dropped the ball'

Premier Dalton McGuinty has apologized to a St. Catharines mom left living "in fear" after a Crown attorney -- without warning -- dropped a criminal harassment charge against a neighbour.

"Clearly this was not handled properly, and they should have been notified by the Crown that the charges were going to be dropped," McGuinty said yesterday. "And I apologize for that failure on the part of the Crown office ... We dropped the ball there."

As revealed by Toronto Sun columnist Mark Bonokoski, Patricia Marshall and her two daughters videotaped a young man peeking in their windows and masturbating.

Police charged a teenage neighbour but the case was withdrawn by the Crown, who later admitted he should have told the Marshall family about that decision.


The mom said she found out 13 days later while making inquiries about the court case.

Tory justice critic Christine Elliott is urging Attorney General Chris Bentley to charge the Peeping Tom.

McGuinty said he couldn't comment on what might happen next.

"But certainly we would want to send a message to all our mothers and sisters and daughters that we will do everything we can to protect them," the premier said.

PC Leader Tim Hudak said the McGuinty government needs to take a stronger stand in defence of these women.

"An apology just won't cut it," Hudak said. "It sends a terrible message -- the notion that this guy would get off the hook and that the attorney general seems uninterested in pursuing a case of this nature."



C-Mom said...

What she had videotape evidence of this guy and charges were dropped? What the heck do you need to have something stick? One has to expect that vigilantism will rise, folks are getting tired of being sitting ducks, living in fear with no hope of justice or legal self defense.

Josephine said...

Yeah, but he's not a voyeur-voyeur.

Neo Conservative said...

apparently this is how young paul bernardo got his start.

now call me sexist, but i'm thinkin' there isn't a man in this household... 'cos while mom grabbed up the video camera (good move, btw)... i'm guessin' most dads would've snatched up a louisville slugger on their way out the back door.

unfortunately... in dalton mcguinty's fuzzy-bunny socialist paradise... there's apparently no such thing as a bad boy anymore.

just another reason friends don't let friends vote liberal.


Rural and Right said...

Clearly the ultra light criminal laws have failed to protect this single mother and daughter from this pervert.

A good shot of bear spray would keep that animal from coming back round again.

Or even better, he might think twice if we had the Castle Doctrine here ... but no the leftards banned pepper spray intended for self defence from sexual predators like this.

Neo Conservative said...

it's just another example of fiberal "look the other way"... (think caledonia)... justice.

it's also typical of how the mcslippery regime deals with the "little people."

i mean... does anybody honestly believe, that if this punk had been caught peeping in the windows of dalton's rosedale mansion... he would've got the get out of jail free card?


jwkozak91 said...

More details from national CTV News last night:

Mom rigged a camera inside a one-hole cedar bird house, with a heat-sensor-trigger on the "record" button.

Some of that hidden camera footage aired on the CTV piece across the country. The kid looks like an owl (straight head bobbing from side to side on a diagonal neck), with both hands on his crotch.

Because the venetian blinds were closed on the bathroom window, he climbed up onto the side of the house, put his feet on the sill, and pressed his face up against the glass.

Mom and daughter are now scared to be in their own yard in broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what McSquinty et al will say if this guy escalates and does rape someone?

The creep is suing the victims saying their cameras impact his right to privacy. What they should do is put up some nice big million candle power spots around their house with a motion detector. Then the rest of the neighbours may also get in on the act and force this clown & his family out of the neighbourhood.

Neo Conservative said...

well... i guess we know where the socialists stand on this one.

poor little waif needs to be rehabbed... and this woman & her family just have to live in fear.

welcome to mcslippery land.


Rose said...

I'd considering filing a class action suit against the Crown, the kid and the father. The Crown can simply recharge the perp, but I doubt they shall the elites are above the law apparently? Is she the pervs only victim? Peeping toms usually grow up to be serial rapists.

She should rent a dog, and then send the bill to the Crown.

Neo Conservative said...

rose... i guess if you've got 24 hour opp protection you don't really need to give a flyin' crap.

dalton better pray this little freak doesn't escalate.