20 September 2009

Prima donna political poseur...

...hides from big dogs... rains faux outrage on former kennel-mate...

Michael Ignatieff turned up the heat on New Democrats Sunday, declaring they'll soon have to make a choice whether they truly believe or not in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's minority Conservative government.
Looks like Jack Layton terrier isn't goin' down without a fight...
“Instead of playing games, Mr. Ignatieff should look at his record.”

“He propped up Stephen Harper for 79 confidence votes in a row and got nothing in return. The NDP is making Parliament work, trying to get a billion dollars to help the unemployed.”
Oh well... back to obedience training.


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"It's not enough to say, 'That in good times we're going to bring forward the progress...'"

"If he goes into an election and doesn't really have anything substantive to put on the table, we're looking at a massacre."


hunter said...

I love your wit! You can slay a Liberal dragon with one sharp razor of a sentence.

Blame Crash said...

And I'll second Hunters comment.

Keep em Coming !!

Neo Conservative said...

to be honest guys... iggy & company make this stuff easy.

they say they picked him because he's the smart one... sheesh.