14 September 2009

Iggy's stringent vetting process

The individual one Liberal insider once described as "human shrapnel"... will be leading the Ignatieff electoral charge...

Warren Kinsella, a former senior Liberal Cabinet staffer who played a key role in the 1993, 1997 and 2000 federal election campaigns, will head the war room, but will work as a campaign volunteer.
Maybe someone should bring Iggy up to speed... he wasn't actually around for that infamous Adscam debacle.

(h/t chris-con)


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Anonymous said...

No friggin' kidding. Bringing Kinsella into the fold says more about Iggy than anything else - he sees nothing wrong with the Adscam Libs, and that is truly and horrifyingly disguisting. Makes you wonder who might be back if he actually formed government.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... Bringing Kinsella into the fold says more about Iggy than anything else"

yup... i just wanna see the puffin king try say anything about nasty conservative tactics now.

wonder how iggy's gonna handle questions from the chinese community about employing the infamous "catmeat" kinsella.


C-Mom said...

Ah the famous cats meat video. If memory serves it also had a comment about going Chinese because he didn't have a girlfriend to cook for him. I love a good two for one don't you?

Hey the word verification is boar-ite. Cute.

Philanthropist said...

Corrupt Liberal criminals bringing back the 'Old Boys Network' - well they did manage to get away with stealing millions of dollars, no repurcussions whatsoever, so they don't see a problem here. Crooks.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't very long ago Lib strategists were re-assuring us that Iggy just needed more exposure to Canadaians and then we would be drooling over him (my words...not a quote of course)
Well the Canadian Club in Ottawa got that promised exposure today.
And Kelly wasn't exactly drooling was he?

McParland didn't waste anytime posting that rip of Iggy. I noticed it in the NP before 3 p.m...Early lunches in Ottawa?

I have never heard Prime Minister Stephen Harper diss Canada like Iggy did today.In fact PMSH always mentions his pride of Canada.
Are Liberals proud of what Iggy said? They should be ashamed.


Neo Conservative said...

"bluetech says... Are Liberals proud of what Iggy said?"

just watching iggy's smarmy performance on cbc. he doesn't exactly come across as a man of the people, does he?


Rich said...

My wife had the best comment I've heard about Lurch after seeing him interviewed today. Though she is not that interested in politics, being an astute judge of character, she nailed Iggy to the wall :- "He's pompous, it's all about him...not the issues".