05 April 2009

I see from Sitemeter... it's that time again

WELCOME, YET AGAIN, READERS OF NOTED HUMANITARIAN CANADIAN CYNICYes, yes, CC... we all know how kind & compassionate you are. Say, while we're at it... let's revisit your pet theory about those dastardly, evil Jews.

And hey... we could always get a second opinion from your "fellow cynic"... the mysterious "sjwalter".

And, of course, there's CC's magnum opus...

Remember Canadian Cynic's message to Wanda Watkins, whose son Lane was killed in Afghanistan?

"With all due respect, Wanda, fuck you and your grief. It's not the job of the rest of Canada to continue to let its soldiers die just so you can sleep better at night."
Of course, CC's too intimidated to use his own moniker here, so he has created a bunch of alter egos to do his dirty work for him... bombarding my comment threads with dozens of stupid trolls...
Well, CC... we can see you're "alive"... but I do have to question the "well."

I'm thinkin'... you might wanna tweak those meds again.




Wilson said...

You're both twits. At least C.C. can write though.

Neo Conservative said...

"anonymous troll wilson says... You're both twits. At least C.C. can write though."

gee wilson... which part of his prose are you most taken with... when cc refers to women as "dumb cunts"... or when he tells the mother of a slain canadian soldier... "fuck you and your grief"?

or how about all the anti-semitic slurs he throws at the prime minister?

what a talent, huh? call me wacky... but i'm thinkin' you guys need a new literary hero to worship.

and funny how it's always anonymous drive-by blogger id's that jump to cc's defense. seems he's got a million of them.



mahmood said...

Damn you neo, having a laid-back Sunday afternoon and there you go...posting the inkhead/meathead CynicBoy in all his inkiness/slimy glory...that pic sez it all...and then some.

Rural and Right said...

The black bag over CC's head makes me want to sing "I can't GITMO satisfaction" while I'm water boarding.

JA Goneaux said...

CC and Ti-guy and the various psueds out there are rather typical Liberals.

Hit them back, and they whine about being persecuted and "backlash", etc.

Ignore them and they chirp on and on and on, silence is consent, etc.

Better to bloody their noses, I think.

Neo Conservative said...

"r&r says... The black bag over CC's head"

that picture (since deleted) was originally posted by scott tribe to accompany a glowing account of the cynic attending a "progressive" shindig.

notice how all the libloggers in attendance are hanging on cc's every utterance.

i actually emailed the folks at this proggie party for their thoughts on the cynic... but, inexplicably, not one of his pals chose to reply.

go figure.


syncrodox said...


You surely do have a number of anonymouse yappsters here abouts.

I commend you for taking the steps you need to with the vermin and expect that as the economy tightens up this/these idiots are gonna have more "free" time for blogging.

On the upside...Ontario Hydro won't juice this deadbeat forever and I don't think his beanie prop is gonna run his Lady Phillips let alone his laptop.


mahmood said...

The two vegan gals and the dude(I think he ate their hotdogs)seem to be eyeballing the nearest exit(the gate)the hell outta there all the while suave(not)CynicBoy sits(his big fat arse)in the what seems to be an indestructible crappy tire lawn chair oblivious that the good folk are not hanging on every profane/insane word tumbling out of his maw but wanting to make good their escape...damn!, that pic is a gut-splitter.

syncrodox said...


Good point. That is one funny pic.

I see it as a surrealist painting and four years of art appreciation training inspires me to offer a tittle or two.

Hoisted on Their Own Leftard...or..Bullshitasourous Holds Court.

I hope the tofu and cus-cus was worth it.


Neo Conservative said...

"mahmood says... The two vegan gals and the dude"

you just have to wonder whether the various libloggers pictured, or scott tribe, ever cringe when they hear cc going on about the "dumb cuntitude".

i've certainly never heard any of them object... does that mean they're good with it? do they still get together with cc and go over old times?

if that's the case... "feminism" sure doesn't mean what it used to.


maryT said...

Just to let you know that the Wilson posting is not the real wilson who posts thought full comments on various blogs. This Wilson has also invaded blogs, but has been blocked by some.
So, when you refer to wilson, you should have said Wilson. The capital Wilson is a fake twit.

jwkozak91 said...

I second the comment from maryT. The "real wilson" is an freedom-loving Iranian immigrant to Canada who runs the "Spirit Of Man" blog.

Neo Conservative said...

"maryt says... the Wilson posting is not the real wilson"

sorry... thought i made it clear... this is just another of cc's alter-egos... used solely to jam up comment threads he takes exception to.

ti-guy, liberal supporter, nonny-mouse... cc hides his toxic spew behind all kinds of masks.


Werner Patels said...

Unless I'm mistaken, the photo shows Scott Tribe, our eternal welfare bum who, at over 40, still refuses to work for a living, I think.

But who cares? Tribe or CC, same crap, same rubbish, same IQ in the negative range.

Neo Conservative said...

no werner... the photo was posted by scott tribe, who was documenting this happy event.

scotty later pulled the picture... even though cc's head was already blacked out.