18 April 2009

Hope, Change and...

...same old, same old...

Obama knows it's going to take some strong garlic to ward off the vampires on his side of the aisle and restore a sense of integrity in government.

Unfortunately, his intended reform is driving stakes through the hearts of innocent bystanders only.

The problem isn't that his rules are too strict. It's that they miss the crucial distinction between the kind of lobbying that's good for democracy and the kind that perverts it.

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is suddenly becoming a lot clearer...
“I thought the cultural performance was fascinating,” Clinton said.

Asked again about the Ortega speech, Clinton said: “To have those first class Caribbean entertainers on all on one stage and to see how much was done in such a small amount of space, I was overwhelmed.”
Misdirection and outright lies... it's how the fuzzy-bunny socialists roll.



Anonymous said...

I see the future American ambassador to Canada is to be a Chicago lawyer, one of the top fundraisers for Obama. Aren't we lucky? I wonder if there will be any armtwisting of what Canadian firms are left.

Neo Conservative said...

you mean it's not gonna be obama's good buddy tony rezko?

oh, that's right... he's no longer available.