22 April 2009

It's obvious the Tamil protesters...

...are unfamiliar with the "law of unintended consequences"...

Like Hamas in Gaza, cowardly LTTE fighters are hiding behind the women and children they claim to be protecting. (In fact, the Tigers are actually killing civilians who try to flee the combat area — something even Hamas never did on a large scale during the Gaza combat.)

The Tigers’ goal appears to be saving itself — and we would not be surprised if Pirapaharan staged his own massacre of Tamils as a means to discredit Colombo and force a ceasefire that allowed him to escape.

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"According to research by sociologist Jeffrey Reitz and others, this trend is increasingly pronounced among the second generation of immigrant visible-minority groups."

"Compared with their parents, they feel less, not more, 'Canadian'."


Anonymous said...
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Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... BUT....don't you dare even hint at asking females at the Women's Shelters what they believe they did to their spouse that caused them to act-out with violence and harm them." --

it's the woman's fault when they get beaten?

sorry... you can take that kind of mindless misogyny back to canadian cesspool"".

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Philanthropist said...

Tamils living in Canada should be repatriated to Sri Lanka, Canadians should not have to put up with being held hostage in their own country. The Tamil community would only be missed by the Liberal Party of Toronto that stole our money to buy their votes, other than that, no Canadians would care that they're gone.

Neo Conservative said...

i have nothing against immigrants.

my parents were immigrants. in choosing to come here, they were acknowledging that they were bettering their lives... leaving behind the various troubles and disadvantages of the old country.

if the tamils wish to fight or promote a war of independence... they should not do so on canadian soil.

if you chose to live here... you should be prepared to embrace canadian values... which precludes supporting terror and criminal activity.

no more tamil tigers. not in this country.


kursk said...

"i have nothing against immigrants."

Aren't the vast majority of Tamils residing in Canada here on refugee claims? The Liberals made it quite easy to claim that status 20 years ago when the conflict was in its infancy.

Neo Conservative said...

i have no idea how many of the ottawa protest tamils are here as a result of making refugee claims.

i do wonder at tens of thousands of folks who seem to have unlimited free time to shut down the business of the nation's capital at will.

who exactly is funding this thing? and please don't tell me that it's me again.


maryT said...

Are these protesters the people Canada lets in that the US wouldn't. Funny thing, if bad people are getting into the US from Canada, it is the fault of the US customs agents. They let them in. QR770 is reporting that a Calgary man has been arrested at the Coutts border, trying to smuggle in 500,000 US dollars. Wonder how KHS got his money into Canada. It is a crime not to report sums over 10,000.
No info on whether that money was real or phony.
Time for our immigration dept to examine all refugee claims of the past 20 years.