28 April 2009

Give yourself a shake

This is Canada... we don't wanna hurt anybody's feelings...

"If these screening measures are considered appropriate for agriculture workers, logically they should also be used to screen all travellers from Mexico," says UFCW Canada national president.

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...the right thing...
The second lesson is that leading can be lonely. When Canada first pulled out of Durban II, we were alone. When Canada first cut off aid to Hamas, we were alone. But others later followed, because we were right.

LAST WORD: So, let's get started...
In 2008 almost 37,000 asylum seekers entered Canada and so far this year the flow remains unabated. There is a backlog of more than 62,000 asylum claims before the Refugee Board which will take years to clear.

The system is out of control and yet our politicians of all parties refuse to even consider reform. To do so would offend the powerful refugee lobby and threaten the loss of ethnic voters.

Furthermore, it is not politically correct to even discuss immigration and refugee policies in connection with border or security concerns.
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Jen said...

Left to the coalition trio we would have been at Durban 11. No doubt.

Neo Conservative said...

the mind boggles.

but, of course, in sheepledom... it's still all about scary stephen harper.

meanwhile iggy... the guy who left the country for three decades... is frantically running around promoting his book about his patriot love?

good grief.


Philanthropist said...

Government, especially Liberals, have pumped so much cash into the industry that even though this may eventually destroy the country, politicians won't do anything about it.

Media would go into a frenzy of attacks against anyone conservative and give the Liberals and NDP carte blanche to rule their airwaves until the government got defeated.

Very sad, for people who like Canada. It's too bad that Liberals and NDP'ers don't like Canada and want it to change fundamentally. They want 'Canadastans'.