08 June 2008

Canadian Cynic...

Feels strangely obligated to further flesh out a response about his relationship to fellow "Canadian Cynic" blogger and Waterloo resident "sjwalter."

Now he can't lay his hands on the actual emails... but CC's razor-sharp recollection should suffice, right?
Well, heck... thanks CC.. that's good enough for me.

Apparently though... the Cynic has other darker... more diabolical... problems...

So, CC... lemme see if I understand what you're whispering about... oh-so conspiratorially... here.

You're saying Blogging Tories moderator Stephen Taylor has dispatched some sort of "neo-con Mossad-style hit-squad"... that's what... out to get you?

And he did this because you're, I dunno... some beacon of brilliant geo-political light that must be extinguished... before the coming Harperite coup can take place?

Good grief. I'm beginning to get a bit more of an insight into your personal "Heart, er... Brain of Darkness."

Quick... lock all the doors and tape the cracks!!! For the love of Gaia... do it now!


UPDATE: The Cynic gets all excited...

...almost wets himself here in the comments.
Sadly, it was not the Clark Kent moment he was expecting.



Anonymous said...

The ink he uses to blotout his meathead has soaked into the brain and the damage is now beyond repair...and really he should crawl out from under that cesspool and get some sunlight and exercise, the Pillsbury Doughboy looks tanned and fit beside this knucklehead.

Neo Conservative said...

nah... he's in the "witless protection program".


Fortitudine said...

From those who brought you 9/11 trutherism and the Kennedy assassination comes an even more exciting conspiracy theory.

He honestly believes the Blogging Tories have dispatched somebody to park across the street and spy on him. Talk about a psychological confession. This guy is delusional. Not to mention about as funny as John Stewart. To clarify, that's about as funny as brain cancer.

Neo Conservative said...

ok, guys... our cover is blown... report back to stephen taylor's garage for a change of fake beards and further secret orders.

as always... b.y.o.b.


Anonymous said...

The "scary blogging tories" are on to this dope like stink on a pretty shaved ape's ass...when he's done checking the closet and under his bunkbed he might want to check under his bicycle seat before he clambers aboard...sweet dancing Jesus this goofball makes stupid look brilliant.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... when he's done checking the closet and under his bunkbed"

the supreme irony here, is that cc's whole shtick... is simply to bash, as crudely and profanely as possible... the members of the bt blogroll. and it's truly twisted, tiresome and rather badly written commentary at that.

but then, as soon as someone turns the lens his way... cc's all about harassment and conspiracy.

and he just seems to be oblivious to that innate contradiction.

strange and a little sad.


Anonymous said...

hilarious paranoia! is that guy for real?

then again, maybe the bogeyman is really out to get him! oooh scary!

Anonymous said...

So in regards to this "neo-con Mossad-style hit-squad"...
Where do I sign up?
I can shoot fairly well and am adept with several types of firearms, even got a 'valid' international drivers license and have slept at a holiday inn before.