21 April 2009

Just another reason...

...I don't really give a shite about the media-manufactured Tamil Tiger frenzy in Ottawa.

A close family member gears up for a real fight...

"I am going to just get on with it and get the treatments I can get and hope for the best. I'm scaring all sorts of people, the kids are very scared. It is cancer after all."

"My best friend put it out plain, she says, 'I don't want you to die.' She and I can say what we mean and not have to be politically correct."

"That's what people want to tell me but saying it is pretty raw."
Here's a woman who has worked her ass off her whole life... raised a family, paid taxes... and now she has to sit and wait for treatment.

Meanwhile, tens of thousands of people waving "terrorist flags"... have been tying up the nation's capital for three weeks now.

These folks are all on vacation? And who foots the bill for that?


UPDATE: Freedom fighters, my ass...
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) footage of the Sri Lanka Air Force showing a small group of armed LTTE cadres firing indiscriminately at a group of civilians attempting to cross over to the cleared areas in North of Puthumathalan where the Army 55 division is stationed.

In the footage the vague shapes of civilians shot by the LTTE are visible upon closer inspection.

LAST WORD: Sure... no flags, no terror...
There were no signs of the flags at Tuesday's protest, with leaders hoping that might convince politicians to address the crowd.

The Tamil Tigers have been linked to assassinations and are considered the first modern-day organization to popularize the practice of suicide bombings.

The group's followers are widely credited with designing the suicide vest, now used most commonly in the Middle East.


Kathy Shaidle said...

I don't understand the politically correct angle

Neo Conservative said...

well, kathy... i think what she's talking about is the way people pussyfoot around talking about death... or even the possibility of dying.

perhaps not "political correctness", in its classic sense... but what seems to be, especially here in canada, the great crime of the last couple of decades... calling things by their proper names.


Philanthropist said...

Canadian aid money went into the development of suicide vests by the Tamils way back in the 80's, today's vests should honour that investment with a little Canadian flag sewn in at the very least.