30 April 2009

Worth every penny

The dark downside of Canada's much vaunted "free" healthcare system...

Three young Port Perry women who are Ontario's first confirmed cases of swine flu returned from Cancun on Friday with symptoms but spent the weekend at the local casino and visiting friends because their local hospital never advised them to stay home.

And even after 21-year-old Justine Stevenson was informed on Tuesday afternoon that she has the virus, no one has told her mom to close her home daycare business.


Anonymous said...

The media frenzy has them afraid. Why don't they trust the doc they saw?
Facts: swine flu is not fatal and it is treatable.
Did you read that anywhere in the Mass-Hysteria Media?
Didn't think so...
And about that free health care sytem...depending on it takes away personal responsibility.


Philanthropist said...

They can't tell her what to do. Or her mom. Or anyone. Everyone's a victim until it can be proven that they're not 'Progressive Left-Wing' thinkers. Then it's open season on them.

If she infects others the government will simply write them all cheques, just like when the government pays women for the sex they had with guys who have AIDS. It's only money.

Neo Conservative said...

guess why healthcare in ontario... despite mcslippery's massive ohip ripoff... is in such perilous shape.

the sheeple truly do get the kind of government they deserve.