25 April 2009

Looks like Osama might get...

...his nuclear-armed Caliphate after all...

-- ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- As the Taliban tightened their hold over newly won territory, Pakistani politicians and American officials on Thursday sharply questioned the government’s willingness to deal with the insurgents and the Pakistani military’s decision to remain on the sidelines.

“The government is too worried about its own political survival to take on the militants,” the Defense Department official said.
Here's a question... where do you figure the billion dollars in annual U.S. military aid got to?

Meanwhile... in other "brave holy warrior" news...
Yesterday 12 children were killed in Dir when a bomb hidden in a football exploded. Villagers said that the football had been left lying near the compound wall of a girls' school.

Among the dead were seven boys and five girls aged between 5 and 13.


Philanthropist said...

India might have to take action if the fascist Muslims gain control of nukes. Unfortunately, that US military aid has been used to prepare for war with India, not fight an insurgency, hopefully the chaos that would follow a fascist victory would also cripple their defences.

Neo Conservative said...

sorry phil... this is nothing to be happy about.

a full-out nuclear exchange between pakistan and india would decimate the area... with accompanying worldwide financial and social repercussions.

and even if that didn't happen, a theocratic pakistani state would no doubt share the nuclear wealth with all their muslim brothers.

there is absolutely no silver lining here.